Spray Adhesive Professional Performance 300 - 13.5 oz

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  • 13.5 oz adhesive primer
  • High temperature resistant
  • Dries clear and will not yellow with age
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can apply multiple coats
  • Does not bubble
  • Recommended for decorative laminate/trim work, marine applications, upholstery work, van/motor home conversions, kick plates, signage, wood, metal, glass, carpet and plastics (polypropylene, acrylics, PVC and more)


LOCTITE Spray Adhesive Professional Performance 300 - 13.5 oz creates permanent, temperature-resistant bonds. Recommended for bonding wood, metal, acrylic, foam, fabric, polyethylene and polypropylene, PVC, paper, cardboard, leather, felt, carpet, corkboard, glass, foil, rubber, and many plastics. It dries clear and is ideal where support is not possible. For best performance the adhesive and materials should be between 65 degrees F and 95 degrees F. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Strengthening adhesive bonds for butyl backed construction materials such as self-adhered 100% butyl backed DuPont Flashing Systems products, specifically when applied to building substrates such gypsum, CMU, concrete, metal, glass and plastics where adhesion can be an issue.

Not recommended for unsupported vinyl fabric, polystyrene foam board, certain plastics and elastomeric substrates which can exhibit bond failure due to plasticizer migration, combinations of high humidity and high temperature, repairing or installing car headliner fabric.


Manufacturer Part Number2267077
AppearanceOff-White Liquid
ApplicationTurn spray tip so that the black dot is alighed with the nozzle. Hold can in a vertical position. Point valve toward surface and spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Keep the can moving to create an even coat and avoid build-up. Start and stop the spray just off the work to prevent runs.
BaseSynthetic Rubber
Clean UpAfter use, invert spray can and spray for approximately 2 seconds (or until spray is free of adhesive) to clear valve and spray tip. Clean spray tip with turpentine or mineral spirits. Note: when using solvents for cleanup, use proper precautionary measures
Compatible MaterialsWood, Metal, Acrylic, Foam, Fabric, Polyethylene and Polypropylene, PVC, Paper, Cardboard, Leather, Felt, Carpet, Corkboard, Glass, Foil, Rubber, and Many Plastics
CoverageEstimated coverage per can per coat when sprayed at a rate of approximately 3.5 seconds per yard from a distance of 8 inches from the surface is 61 sq ft +/- 3 sq ft.
Installation TemperatureBetween 65 and 95 Degrees Fahrenheit
Package Quantity1
StorageStore at Room Temperature in Dry Areas Away From Direct Sunlight
Ships to HI/AKNo

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