How To Clean A Composite Deck

As a composite deck owner, you've invested in a beautiful outdoor space and you want to keep it looking fresh. Composite decks are designed to stand up well over time, but weather and normal wear and tear do necessitate periodic cleaning. That means finding the right cleaner and knowing the proper steps to take to care for your composite decking.

We’re here to help with suggestions on how to clean a composite deck for two of our most popular composite decking brands: TimberTech/Azek and Trex.

Cleaning a TimberTech / Azek Deck

Essential Equipment:

*A pressure washer should ONLY be used for rinsing. Be sure to use the fan tip attachment at no more than 1500 psi. If you try to remove stains with a powered washer, you risk damaging the composite material. Keep the nozzle at least 18 inches above the decking and spray in the direction of the grain; going against the grain can distort the panels and ruin the appearance of the decking.

TimberTech Deck Cleaner Scrub in the deck cleaner Rinse the deck cleaner off

Complete Deck & Spot Cleaning

  1. Shake well and dilute the TimberTech Deck Cleaner mixing one part cleaner and three parts water. Use one gallon of diluted solution to clean 1000 square feet of composite decking.
  2. Work in small sections to keep the cleaner from drying before it is rinsed off. Scrub the solution in the direction of the decking grain with downward pressure, then change direction and work against the grain to clean thoroughly.
  3. Rinses off the solution immediately with a water hose or pressure washer* to remove all traces of the cleaner. Remaining solution can create a film that is difficult to remove without repeating the cleaning process.
  4. Use a towel to mop up any pooling water to be sure the deck dries quickly.

Cleaning a Trex Deck

Essential Equipment

  • Gallon bucket
  • Soap
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Water hose
  • Pressure washer* (only as needed)

*Pressure washer with a maximum setting of 3100 psi.

Maintaining the beauty of your Trex deck is accomplished in a few easy steps. A simple scrub with warm soapy water is typically all it takes to keep your Trex deck looking its best.

To see just how easy cleaning your Trex composite deck is, watch this short video:

Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning keeps your composite deck looking new and also extends the life of your deck. Don't allow dirt and debris to sit on your deck's surface. By rinsing your deck off with a water hose weekly—especially in the spring and summer months—you can minimize the need for heavy cleaning later... which means more time relaxing on your deck and less time scrubbing it.

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