Screw Products Star Drive Screws

Screw Products offers a wide range of of top-of-the-line interior and exterior screws to help with any construction project large or small. Find the best pricing - Get 5% Off all Screw Products orders plus purchases over $75 ship FREE!

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Silver Stainless Screws for coastal environments. Choose from Silver Stainless Steel - MultiPurpose Stainless Screws or Stainless Trim Head Screws.

Deck Screws & Fasteners

Get the right fastener for installing your deck. Screw Products offers a wide variety of Composite Deck Screws and Stainless Steel Deck Screws.


Screw Products Driver Bits compliment star drive products. Cement Board Screws, Gutter Screws, Reamer Tek and Tapcon are for specific projects. Assorted Screw Kits make a great gift or provide a wide assortment to keep on hand in workshops or at home.