FREE CAMO DRIVE for Collated Edge, Clip & Face Fastening

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Then, read on for a preview of how CAMO DRIVE will keep you competitive on all your decking jobs with three guides for edge, clip, or face fastening on any deck board surface while standing.


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with guides for edge, clip & face fastening

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CAMO Collated Screws

Without a doubt, CAMO DRIVE is a star, but the fasteners are the essential supporting actors in this production, and they're masters of their craft.

CAMO Collated Screws were engineered to preserve the integrity of your board, whether pressure treated wood or composite:

Here's a look at the special features of each:

CAMO Face Screw for Pressure Treated

CAMO Face Screw Callouts

CAMO Edge Screw for Pressure Treated

CAMO Edge Screw Callouts

CAMO Face Screw for Composite

CAMO Composite Screw Callouts

These CAMO Collated Screws are available in 1000-piece strips, providing coverage for about 285 square feet of decking. Just load a strip of CAMO Collated Screws into your CAMO DRIVE tool and install them one after another—without fumbling for loose screws or reloading.


CAMO DRIVE attaches to your drill and lets you install your collated screws from the comfort of your own two feet. Now that deserves a standing ovation!

And, with three guides for edge, clip, or face fastening on any deck board surface, this tool has range. Whether you edge fasten square boards, face fasten composite or pressure treated decking, install grooved decking with CAMO Universal Deck Clips, or use a variety of these methods, DRIVE takes on any role with ease.

Just swap out the driver bit and nose piece to change your fastening method, and you're ready to go:

CAMO DRIVE for edge, clip & face fastening

CAMO's coil-feed system flawlessly advancess the collated screw strip while keeping it out of your way so you can work quickly and efficiently. In fact, you can install decking up to 5x faster with CAMO DRIVE!

TIP: Introduce CAMO LEVER to the scene and lock multiple rows of grooved boards and clips in place then screw them all down at once to further boost jobsite productivity.

Check out this action-packed trailer and see the CAMO DRIVE tackle it all:

You're going to love CAMO DRIVE's performance—and regaining time on every deck project for greater profits!

If you have any questions on the CAMO DRIVE Collated Fastener System or how to get your FREE CAMO DRIVE Tool, drop them in the comments below or contact us.

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