Home Weatherization

Home Weatherization

Protect your investment with a variety of products that will waterproof and seal your home for years to come.


Install flashing around chimneys, vents, windows, and doors to stop air and water penetration and protect your home.

Foam & Sealers

Fill the small cracks of your home with foam or sealer to provide an airtight insulation, blocking air, water, and pest invasion.

House Wrap

Apply house wrap to the exterior of your home, before siding, to create a barrier that locks out moisture and air.

Roof Lining

Roof liner and underlayment installs under roofing material as a water-resistant layer that protects from severe weather.

Stucco & Drain Wrap

Stucco and drain wrap is designed to provide a drainage plane that carries water away from the wall behind stucco or siding.


Materials that waterproof your home during construction in order to prevent mold and water damage from harsh weather.

Cap Fasteners

Use cap fasteners to attach flashing materials to your home to create a water and air-tight seal.


Use tape to attach flashing materials to your home or deck to create a water-tight seal.