Balusters are a great infill option to support your deck railing. Complement your outdoor space by choosing from a variety of styles, colors, materials, and lengths.
  1. Aluminum Category Image Aluminum
    Aluminum balusters are popular due to their versatility and durability. Pair them with wood, composite, or metal railing for a modern, clean look.
  2. Architectural Category Image Architectural
    Architectural style baroque and bow balusters have an eye-catching appearance. They offer unique design options and a simple installation.
  3. Face Mount Category Image Face Mount
    Face mount balusters are a great railing option because they have a simple installation that does not require connectors. Face mount balusters can be used with several types of deck rails, including wood, aluminum, composites and more. Shop baroque, architectural or traditional face mount balusters.
  4. Iron Category Image Iron
    Wrought iron deck balusters provide superior strength and durability in comparison to other metal balusters. Iron balusters provide old world charm with their traditional, heavy appearance.
  5. Round Category Image Round
    The classic look of round balusters will never go out of style. Round balusters are one of the most popular railing choices due its versatility and various design options.
  6. Square Category Image Square
    Get a traditional railing look with square balusters that compliment virtually any project. Square balusters are another common choice due its versatility and many design options.
  7. Baluster Connectors Category Image Baluster Connectors
    Most round and square balusters require baluster connectors. They secure the balusters to top and bottom rails.