GenStone Brick & Stone | Faux Siding

GenStone provides the realistic look of stone or brick without the mess and expense. GenStone panels fasten to any existing interior or exterior flat surface including wood, brick, stucco, concrete, and drywall. The GenStone Made Easy System, consisting of panels, outside & inside corners, ledgers, and trim, make any DIY improvement project as simple as measure, cutattach.


Improve that accent wall or enhance your curb appeal with GenStone's faux brick siding. This low-maintenance, easy-to-install panelized system makes achieving the look of real brick possible – without the high price tag. The lightweight panels can be applied to any flat surface with the use of screws, thus eliminating the need for messy mortar and heavy lifting.

Stacked Stone

Love the look of stone for your front porch or fireplace but don't love the cost? GenStone's stacked stone siding features realistic textures and colors to deliver the same look of real stone without the hefty price tag. Plus, there's no need to hire a professional contractor to install it. This siding is DIY-friendly and can be installed by one person in a short amount of time. With 8 earthy color combinations to choose from, it's easier than ever to add the natural beauty of cultured stone to your home without the expense of it.

Stone Accents

Give your plain, boring posts a facelift with GenStone's Stacked Stone Pillar Kits and Column Wraps. GenStone makes achieving the appearance of real stone both attainable and affordable, which is why this simple solution is a no-brainer when it comes to updating your home's exterior.