CAMO Fasteners

CAMO Fasteners & Hidden Deck Clips

CAMO is the better way to build a deck. CAMO fastening systems, fasteners, and accessories are user-friendly, intuitive, and designed to give users the best experience. From universal deck clips and screws such as collated or structural, to the labor-saving DRIVE and MARKSMAN tools, CAMO has innovative products for every project.

Deck Clips & Footing

CAMO universal deck clips make installing grooved decking on wood or metal joists easy for everyone. For a simple and smart alternative to traditional foundation blocks, the all-new CAMO Block features a lightweight yet durable design and is ideal for a variety of installations.

Tools & Accessories

The CAMO ClipDRIVE is the ultimate stand-up tool for fastening universal deck clips, while the 3-in-1 DRIVE delivers maximum jobsite versatility securing collated screws. For hidden edge fastening applications, MARKSMAN tools install edge screws to square decking. Seal your deck joists & ledger boards with CAMO Deck Tape to protect your deck for life.


CAMO has a screw for every project. Use collated screws with the DRIVE tool for edge or face fastening, and edge screws with MARKSMAN tools for edge fastening. For exterior applications, use deck screws for wood-to-wood connections, color-matched composite screws for PVC/composite decking, and structural screws for code-compliant & general construction projects.