CAMO Fasteners

CAMO Fasteners & Hidden Deck Clips

CAMO Systems make building better. Their innovative hidden deck clips, collated screws, and stand-up deck fastening tools work together to make jobs smarter and faster. CAMO creates great performing products. Their engineered structural screws and instant foundation blocks bring speed and performance, saving time and money on every project.

Deck Fasteners & Footing

CAMO hidden deck clips are the best way to install grooved decking because they allow you to install boards up to 5x faster to create a beautiful, fastener-free surface. The new CAMO Block is the smart alternative to concrete foundation blocks because they are lightweight yet heavy-duty, easy to install, and drainable.

Tools & Bits

CAMO has a tool for every installation. The CAMO Drive delivers maximum jobsite versatility securing CAMO collated screws and CAMO hidden deck clips, while the CAMO ClipDrive is the ultimate tool for fastening CAMO Edge Clips to grooved decking. The CAMO Lever keeps any board locked in place, freeing you up to fasten, and the CAMO Marksman tools were specifically designed for edge fastening.


CAMO screws are designed for a variety of both exterior and interior projects. Each screw starts fast, holds strong, and is backed by a CAMO warranty against rust and corrosion, allowing you to confidently use them in all of your decking projects, substructures, landscaping, fences, and more.