DeckWise WiseRail Legacy Stair Cable Railing - Inside Run for Wood Post

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  • For stair or pitched runs with wood posts
  • Inside to inside of post mount
  • Tensioning device is an Adjust-a-Body with threaded eye which attaches via a mounting screw to the lag eye, threaded tab. A Push-lock with threaded eye attaches the same way to the other end
  • Use with post protector tubes (sold separately) to prevent cable from carving a groove when angling
  • Kit includes: (1) Adjust-A-Body with threaded eye, (1) pre-attached swaging ferrule, (1) lock nut, (1) push-lock threaded eye, (2) screws, and 1/8" 1x19 stainless steel cable


DeckWise WiseRail Cable Railing Legacy Series - Inside Run for Stairs is used for any type of wood post as an inside to inside fitting on a pitch or stair application. The tensioning device is an Adjust-a-Body which attaches via a mounting screw to the lag eye, threaded tab. A Push-Lock with Threaded Eye attaches the same way to the other end.

The WiseRail Legacy Series for Stairs can be used to go up a stair and across a landing by inserting post protector tubes in the break-over post (sold separately). The tube will prevent the cable from carving a groove into your post where it exits at an angle.

Great for tight areas, 90 degree rail turns on the same post, and can be mounted to walls, this inside to inside pre-cut cable system can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field. No field swaging needed.

Item Contents

1/8" 1x19 Stainless Steel Cable
Adjust-A-Body with Threaded Eye
Lock Nut
Pre-Attached Swaging Ferrule
Push-Lock Threaded Eye


Sub BrandWiseRail
Can Be Cut to LengthYes
Kit Includes(1) Adjust-A-Body with Threaded Eye, (1) Pre-Attached Swaging Ferrule, (1) Lock Nut, (1) Push-Lock Threaded Eye, (2) Screws, and 1/8" 1x19 Stainless Steel Cable
Package Quantity1
TypeCable Rail
Warranty10-year Limited

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