ZipUP UnderDeck Pitch Rail

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  • Hidden foundation for entire system
  • 12' length in 1/2" or 1" widths
  • Creates a 1/8 slope per foot
  • Made of dense PVC
  • Needed every 3 feet
  • Install using a deck screw longer than the rail height
  • Can be cut to length


ZipUP UnderDeck Pitch Rails are the hidden foundation for the entire ZipUP system, as they form the pitch which directs water away from your home. The system works by creating a slope of 1/8 per foot. Simply put, a 1/2 Pitch Rail needs to be installed 3 feet from the house, then a 1 Pitch Rail 6 feet from the house, and so on, adding 1/2 to the height of the Pitch Rail every 3 feet. Pitch Rails should be installed using a deck screw longer than the height of the rail. In the case of slightly uneven joists, only attach the Pitch Rail at the longest (or lowest-hanging) joists, and take care not to over-torque the screws. Once properly installed, this feature is hidden from view. Using these dense PVC Pitch Rails will provide ultimate stability without risk of rot. Multiple Pitch Rails may be stacked to achieve the height needed, and taping them together can help make installation a smoother process. Some users of the ZipUP UnderDeck system choose to cut their own Pitch Rails out of excess cedar or pressure-treated pine 2x4s, and the overall ZipUP system works equally effectively.

First, determine the number of pitch rails needed for your system. Measure the depth of the deck and divide the total (in feet) by 3, since a pitch rail is needed every 3 feet. (Example: 10 foot deck = 10/3 = 3.3) Round down to a whole number. The first rail is 1/2 and is placed 3 feet from the house. Add 1/2 to the pitch rail height at each 3-foot increment. (Example: Pitch Rail 1= 1/2 at 3 feet, Pitch Rail 2= 1 at 6 feet)


ManufacturerZipUP UnderDeck
BrandZipUP UnderDeck
Can Be Cut to LengthYes
Package Quantity1
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

Weights and Dimensions

Length (Feet)12

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