ZipUP UnderDeck Wall Trim
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Features an E-shaped profile

Forms a channel for ZipUP Panels and gutters to be inserted

Attach with a standard deck screw approximately every 12 inches

Install upside-down along the edge of ZipUP Panels

Available in 12' lengths

Made of dense PVC


Attach the ZipUP Wall Trim directly to the ledger board and the outside rim joists of your project to create a picture-perfect system every time. Along the outside rim joists, the Wall Trim will follow the slope of the installed ZipUP Pitch Rails in order to achieve the proper gradient for your deck. Featuring an E-shaped profile, the Wall Trim pieces form a channel into which ZipUP Panels and gutters (sold separately) can be inserted. Expand your family's living room out into the beauty of nature with the ZipUP UnderDeck drainage system; an amazing option to make your unused space work for you. The ZipUP Wall Trim should be attached via a standard deck screw approximately every 12 inches. At corners, the edges of the two Wall Trim pieces can overlap, or you may choose to miter them as you wish. Finish off the system at the open end where a gutter may or may not be installed, depending upon your specific design. Wall Trim should be installed upside-down along the edge of the ZipUP Panels, sliding onto the exposed end of the Panels and secured with a bead of silicone adhesive. This will allow the system to create a waterfall effect and ensure that all rainwater drains completely.

Add the lengths of all sides of the deck, then divide that number (in feet) by 12. If you are opting to install a gutter without using Wall Trim at the open end of the system, do not include the length of that end in your calculation.


Manufacturer ZipUP UnderDeck
Brand ZipUP UnderDeck
Material PVC
Package Quantity 1
Returnable Yes
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Weights and Dimensions

Length (Feet) 12

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