Titan Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Titan Building Products. If you have a question that isn't listed here, feel free to contact us.

Wood Railing Accessories

What is the Titan Wood Post Anchor?

The Titan Wood Post Anchor is a low-profile, lightweight, and affordable surface-mounted post anchor that creates a clean look due to the design (most of the anchor is hidden inside the post). Plus, it keeps your wood posts high and dry. As far as installation goes, you can forget about complicated joist hardware and carpentry techniques. You'll save time and effort by not having to notch decking around posts. Simply drill, drive, and fasten. The Titan Wood Post Anchor is a great solution for residential decks, pergolas, gazebos, and more.

How does the Wood Post Anchor Kit work?

The Wood Post Anchor Kit is a perfect, affordable solution for mounting wood posts to surfaces such as decks. It was designed so that most of the anchor is hidden inside the post, providing a clean look while keeping the post dry.

How to install the Titan Wood Post Anchor:

Installation of the Titan Post Anchor is done in 3 easy steps: drill, drive, and fasten. On average, it takes 3-5 minutes to install each one due to this simple process. View the installation guide for additional details and instructions.

What are Snap 'n Lock Balusters?

Snap 'n Lock Balusters are aluminum balusters that allow the ability to easily retrofit old wood pickets without dismantling the existing railing. They come in a kit with (10) balusters and (20) connectors. For stair applications, pair with the stair adapters.

How to install Snap 'n Lock Balusters:

Titan's Snap 'n Lock Balusters are a breeze to install thanks to their simple 3-step installation process:

  1. Screw the connector to the rail.
  2. Snap the baluster into the connector.
  3. Lock the baluster into place by sliding the connector cover over the baluster.

View the installation guide for more information and visuals.

What is the difference between Shadow Rail Connectors and traditional rail connectors?

Shadow Rail Connectors are hidden fastener rail connectors that match the profile of a wooden 2x4. Typical wooden railing connectors are larger than the wood rail and have exposed fasteners. Shadow Wooden Rail Connectors provide a simple slide and lock connection that looks very clean and modern.

How to install Shadow Rail Connectors:

View the Shadow Rail installation instructions for level applications here.

View the Shadow Rail installation instructions for stair applications here.

What is the Deck Devil tool?

The Deck Devil is the most versatile board straightener you will find. It's a telescopic compact device that attaches to any handheld cordless drill (38” chuck) to deliver precise push or pull power to straighten any type of board. It allows you to get into tighter spaces for things like straightening boards, compressing bowed joists down onto supporting beams, and pulling fascia boards around curves. Consider the Deck Devil as essentially your third hand on the job site! See how the Deck Devil works here.

What is Titan's warranty?

Titan has a limited warranty on their products. Specific to the post anchor, the warranty is 20 years from the date of original purchase.