Pro-Kool Portable Evaporative Cooler with 42" High Velocity Fan

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Schaefer Pro-Kool evaporative cooler requires little space, has a low initial cost, is inexpensive and simple to operate and requires minimal scheduled maintenance. Due to the design and construction of the cooling pads, cooling efficiency is normally maintained near optimum throughout the life of the pads (approximately two seasons). In many cases, evaporative coolers are a better solution than mechanical refrigeration systems because they are more economical to operate and maintain and do not use environmentally sensitive and costly refrigerants.

In an evaporative cooler, the cellulose cooling pads are wet and a fan blows across the cooling pads to evaporate the moisture. It is the same process your body uses to cool itself. When you perspire, and air moves across your skin and a portion of the perspiration (water) evaporates. Heat is drawn from the pads and the air, dropping the air temperature and producing the cooling effect. The cooled air is then forced through a building or space and displaces the warm air out building openings, cooling the surroundings. In addition, air velocity increases the cooling effect as it moves over the skin of people in the airflow path.

Schaefer Pro-Kool evaporative coolers are portable and use the latest technology to provide large volumes of cool air, efficiently and inexpensively for cooling small to medium size areas. Simply adding more units can accommodate larger areas. With proper sizing and application, a Pro-Kool evaporative cooler can lower the effective air temperature by up to 30°. Even in high humidity, the efficiency of the Pro-Kool evaporative cooler provides effective cooling.


  • Completely self-contained, portable unit capable of delivering 15 MPH velocity of air with a temperature drop of up to 30 degrees
  • Level-controlled water supply system
  • Optional water supply supports standard 3/4" garden hose connection
  • Motor-driven fan
  • Frame and housing
  • Cooling pad assembly, includes 3 pads
  • Evaporation media is chemically treated cellulose paper to resist deterioration - 8" thick pads
  • Motor features include: 1 Hp, 115 volt, 2-speed, 60 Hz. 12.4 amps, 12,480 CFM
  • Hand swing made of high impact poly with UV protection


ManufacturerSchaefer Fan
Sub BrandPro-Kool
Height - Inches74
Length - Inches54.5
Motor Speeds2
Package Quantity1
Tank Capacity38
Warranty2 year limited warranty
Width - Inches34.5
Ships to HI/AKNo