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UnderDeck Deck Drainage System

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What is UnderDeck?

  • UnderDeck installs to the underside of new and existing elevated decks
  • UnderDeck is designed for the homeowner to install. Professional installation is not required - compare to the competitors
  • UnderDeck provides a usable, clean storage space
  • UnderDeck turns the area under your deck into an enjoyable under deck oasis for relaxation
  • UnderDeck ceiling systems create a dry space, a dry deck and the ultimate Underdeck solution for a deck rain carrying system.

Why UnderDeck?

  • UnderDeck is the ORIGINAL "underdeck" system and remains the market leader because of it's quality and ease of installation.
  • The simple patented design provides easy access to the joist space without disturbing other panels and allows for addition of ceiling fans, lights and porch swings.
  • UnderDeck's continuous span design ensures a leak free installation.
  • Exterior weatherable grade vinyl with fungicides and anti bacterial additives is easy to cut and flexible and forgiving to work with for an exact custom fit.
  • Innovative and patented joist rail design ensures water never sits or pools. Your deck is safe with UnderDeck. Full 15 year warranty.
  • Uneven joist spaces and deck pitch are easily accommodated for during installation. Double and triple joists can be handled as well.
  • UnderDeck easily works with all joist spaces between 4 and 24 inches on center. There is no need for shims or filler boards.
  • Arched panels in the joist space maximizes your existing deck height.
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  • Shipped direct to your home or job site via trackable Commercial Freight. Most orders ship in 3-5 business days with direct delivery in 5-7 business days.
  • You can order with confidence. DIY Home Center works direct with the the manufacturer. We are UnderDeck experts.

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