Trex Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Trex Deck Products. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Trex ADA Handrail & Gates

What railing systems are compatible with Trex ADA Handrail?

Trex Fasteners & Tools

How do the fasteners work?

Trex Hideaway Fasteners are secured to the joists, and then the deck boards are secured to the fasteners. This keeps the deck boards fastened down without the appearance of screws on the surface of the deck.

How to create a butt seam:

  1. Install a small framing board (10-12 inches) along the side of the joist at which the seam is going to land.
  2. Line your first board up with the seam of the joist and the small framing board.
  3. Install fasteners and screws at each joist of the first board, including the joist at the seam.
  4. Install your second board in the same fashion, and place a second fastener at the seam attaching it to the small framing block.

45 degree angle installation?

When working on decking that is in the walled corner of the house, always start with a small triangular piece of decking in that corner and work your way out. This will make it easy to install your decking evenly against the house. When installing the Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners into the deck board, offset the fastener screw hole 1/2" towards the long point of the joist so the screw will not exit the side of the joist when driven.

How do I install around a post?

The design of the Trex Hideaway allows for the post to be installed prior to installing the decking. When notching deck boards around post, it will be helpful to back-cut to ensure a tight fit around rail posts.

What size gap between the boards?

The Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastener will automatically create a 1/4" space between each decking board.

What tools are required to install Trex Hideaway Fasteners?

No special tools are required when using Trex grooved-edge deck boards, just a drill with a screw drive bit and a standard framing hammer. When using Trex decking without a grooved edge, a Trex Router will be needed to create a groove at each joist.

Are Trex Hideaway Fasteners compatible with the Tiger Claw TC-G Slot Cutter?

No, Trex Hideaway Fasteners are not meant to work with the TC-G Slot Cutter. The TC-G Slot Cutter is designed to work with the Tiger Claw TC-G for 1" or thicker decking. Be sure to use the Trex Slot Cutter with Trex decking.

How do I replace a Trex deck board?

  1. Make two parallel cuts down the center of the board to be replaced, and remove the center piece.
  2. Using a claw hammer, bend the tab on the side of the board with the screw heads showing. Bend it downward so that it does not interfere with the spacer tab.
  3. Position new board into place, and carefully slide onto remaining tabs.
  4. Once fully installed, the deck board will drop into position.
  5. Once the board is set into position, secure it using a 1/8th inch drill bit. Place the bit into the seam of the board and into the groove. Predrill a pilot hole through the board at a 45 degree angle.
  6. Install a stainless steel finish screw through groove into the joist to hold the board in place.

How many fasteners do I need?

To find the approximate number of fasteners needed for your deck, simply multiply the number of decking boards by the number of support joists. Divide by 90 to get the number of boxes needed, then round up to the next whole box.

How fast is installation compared to nails and screws?

The Trex Hidden Fastener has only one 1-5/8" screw to drive in, and auto-spaces the deck boards. Trex decking can be installed faster than traditional face screws.

What type of screw should I use?

Every box of Trex Hideaway Fasteners includes the stainless steel screws needed for installation.

Can I use Trex Hideaway hidden fasteners with solid edge decking?

Yes, but you will need to make grooves on the edge of the deck board above each joist. This can be done quickly and easily using the Trex Slot Cutter, specifically designed for use with the Trex Hideaway Fasteners.

Trex Outdoor Lighting

Can I use another brand of transformer?

Only use the Trex Transformer with Trex DeckLighting. The use of any other transformer will void the warranty.

What is the range of the dimmer?

The Trex DeckLighting Remote Dimmer will work in a 30' radius of the unit.

Where should the dimmer and timer be installed?

The Trex DeckLighting Remote Dimmer must be installed in a dry location. Keep dimmer remote ID# in a safe place in case a replacement remote is needed. The timer must be installed vertically with the receptacle facing downwards and not reaching ground level. The timer must be in view of the sun to use the dusk/dawn feature.

Trex RainEscape & Protect

What is the Trex RainEscape Warranty?

Trex RainEscape is backed by the Trex RainEscape Warranty.

  • Products shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials.
  • Warranty lasts for 25 years from the date of original purchase.

How durable is the RainEscape System?

The Trex RainEscape System is extremely durable made with rugged plastic and ultra violet inhibitors.

How is debris cleaned out of the RainEscape System?

There should be very little debris that enters the system because it has to be small enough to fit through the gap in the decking. Small debris simply passes through the system with water. In the rare case that there is some build-up, simply remove the piece of decking over the affected area and clean as needed.

What if I can't get the tape to stick?

In areas such as the perimeter, or surfaces of brick or stucco where the tape will not stick, use Trex Caulk to adhere the material.

Can I install Trex RainEscape by myself?

Yes. With the easy to follow instructions that come with the Trex RainEscape System, a pair of scissors, utility knife, staple gun, and caulking gun are all you need to install the system in one or two hours on most decks. Each RainEscape product page on our website includes detailed installation videos.

What components do I need to install a Trex RainEscape System?

To figure out what materials and components you need to install RainEscape on your deck, it is easiest to use the Trex RainEscape Estimator. Simply enter information on the size and characteristics of your deck to receive a free materials list and price estimate for your RainEscape project. All materials and components you need can then be added to your cart with one click.

Can I splice the trough material?

Never splice through the material. See Trex RainEscape instructions for spans that are longer than the trough material. Do not try to repair any damage with the Trex RainEscape tape. Helpful videos are located on each Trex RainEscape product page on our website.

Can I install this under an existing deck?

Yes, but most RainEscape Systems are installed during a new decking installation. However, a Trex RainEscape System can be installed under an existing deck by removing the existing deck boards. If you decide to remove existing deck boards, then it's helpful to number the deck boards so that they are reinstalled in the same position. Also, realize that the deck screws may drill deeper into the board when reinstalling deck boards.

What are the overall benefits of the Trex RainEscape System?

Trex RainEscape protects the structural integrity of your deck. It is easy to install. The Trex RainEscape System allows for the creation of an indoor environment outdoors underneath a deck. RainEscape allows for the installation of ceiling fans, speakers, video electronics and furniture that are protected from the elements.

What are the components in a Trex RainEscape System?

  1. RainEscape Downspout - needed at the end of each trough to funnel liquid into the gutter.
  2. RainEscape 12' Trough - needed in joist spacings to catch liquids and carry to downspout.
  3. RainEscape 16' Trough - needed in joist spacings to catch liquids and carry to downspout.
  4. RainEscape 4" X 50' Butyl Tape - ensures a watertight seal.
  5. RainEscape Wall Flash - to compress and seal the gap between your first deck board and your house siding.
  6. RainEscape Post Flash - slides over 4x4 post and is sealed with caulk to further prevent moisture damage.
  7. RainEscape Caulk - used to ensure a watertight seal.

How does snow build-up impact Trex RainEscape?

Snow will sit on the decking and, as it melts, will run through the system.

Are leaves a problem?

A standard washing or a hard rain will clean out the system of debris or leaves accumulate in the troughs.

Is Trex RainEscape affected by freezing temperatures?

If the system is installed correctly, any water that is caught drains out through the downspout in a matter of seconds. Freezing is not an issue when there is no water remaining in the system.

Which color Trex RainEscape should I use for my deck?

If your deck is going to be created by using Trex deck boards, then we recommend the following:

Use Black RainEscape if your deck boards these colors:

  • Gravel Path (Transcend)
  • Pebble Gray (Select)
  • Clam Shell (Enhance)
  • Winchester Gray (Select)
  • Island Mist (Transcend)

Use Brown RainEscape if your deck boards are the color:

  • Rope Swing (Transcend)
  • Beach Dune (Enhance)
  • Saddle (Enhance)
  • Saddle (Select)
  • Tiki Torch (Transcend)
  • Tree House (Transcend)
  • Havana Gold (Transcend)
  • Spiced Rum (Transcend)
  • Woodland Brown (Select)
  • Madeira (Select)
  • Lava Rock (Transcend)
  • Fire Pit (Transcend)

If you are not using Trex deck boards, then we suggest you use the color RainEscape that is recommended for the deck color most similar to yours. Or, a great rule of thumb is to use the Black Trex RainEscape for cool-toned deck board colors and the Brown Trex RainEscape for warm-toned deck board colors.

These recommendations are completely optional and you can use black or brown RainEscape with any deck color you please. Both colors provide the same great performance and are simply aesthetic to be based on your preference or style.

What is the difference between Trex Protect and Trex RainEscape?

Trex Protect is a deck flashing tape that protects deck boards from rot and decay, while Trex RainEscape is an entire system of components used to create an underdeck drainage system. Trex Rainescape is for use on a second-story deck to stop rain, snow, or spilled liquids from getting the space underneath wet. It allows a homeowner to create a liveable outdoor area underneath their deck. Trex Protect tape is for safeguarding the wooden joists and beams underneath both lower level and two-story decks made from composite or PVC. It doesn't create a drainage system and will not create a dry space underneath your deck.

Trex Select Railings

How do you clean Trex Select railing?

To clean your Trex Select railing:

  1. Use a soft bristle brush, soap and warm water to remove dirt or debris.
  2. Remove color transfer with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  3. Remove small surface scratches, marks or scuffs with Dupli-Color Scratch Seal Clear Sealer Pen.

NEVER use acetone or other solvents on your Trex Select railing.

How do I purchase a Trex Select Railing System?

There are many components that make up a Select Railing. We broke down the process into 4 steps to simplify the process. Follow these Trex Select Railing steps:

  1. Choose your Trex Post Sleeves.
  2. Add Trex Post Caps and Skirts.
  3. Pick your Trex Select Railing and Balusters.
  4. Optional: Choose accessories such as hardware or ADA handrail components and gates.

Are the rails sold in kits or by individual components?

Trex Select Railings are only sold by kits. The individual components are not sold separately.

Trex Signature Railings

What is a Trex Signature Rail Panel?

A Trex Signature Rail Panel is a complete railing section with balusters that are pre-assembled and welded together. It is the same Trex Signature Railing provided in traditional kits, but in a much easier and quicker to install form that comes ready to be attached between two posts.

What colors are available for Trex Signature Aluminum Railings?

Trex offers railing options in a Good, Better, Best range. The Trex Signature Aluminum Railing "Better railing" offers minimalist style with maximum strength. Aluminum railings are available in Charcoal Black, Bronze, and Classic White. Trex Signature has a sleek and sturdy construction that emphasizes the view beyond the deck and works well with all Trex decking lines, stone patios and more. Trex Signature also performs equally well for residential or commercial settings. Signature Aluminum railings are made of 100% recyclable and renewable resources.

Note: Trex Signature rails may be used in combination with Trex Transcend posts. This may be a good option when choosing a Transcend color rail that is paired with a Charcoal Black, Classic White, or Bronze Signature rail.

What if the Trex Signature Panel is too large to fit between my posts?

If the railing panel does not fit, then you can easily cut it to size during installation.

How do I purchase a Trex Signature Railing System?

  1. Choose your Trex Posts and Caps.
  2. Pick your Trex Signature Rail Kit.
  3. Optional: Choose accessories such as the Trex Signature Cocktail Rail Bracket, hardware or ADA handrail components and gates. Some brackets are helpful for special angles or stair applications.

What size is the Trex Signature Rail Panel?

It is available in a 6 foot panel that is 72” x 36” or an 8 foot panel that is 96” x 36”.

What is the Trex Signature Railings Warranty?

Trex Signature is backed by the Trex Signature Railing Limited Warranty.

  • Products shall be free form material defects in workmanship and materials.
  • Warranty lasts for 25 years from the date of original purchase.

Trex Transcend Railings

What is the Trex Transcend warranty?

Trex Transcend is backed by the Trex Limited Warranty.

  • Products shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials, and shall not split, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay.
  • Residential warranty lasts for 25 years from the date of original purchase.
  • Commercial warranty lasts for 10 years from the date of original purchase.

What color options are available for Trex Transcend?

Trex Transcend Railings offers the broadest range of colors and finishes with railing options that offer nearly limitless opportunities to mix and match profiles and colors for a customized look. Match railing colors to decking or even Trex Furniture. Choose from Classic White, Charcoal Black, Vintage Lantern, Rope Swing, and Gravel Path.

What is Trex Transcend Railing made of?

In order to perfectly match Trex Transcend decking, Trex Transcend Railing is made of the same durable composite material. Although the top and bottom rails are composite, the balusters will vary in the material due to personal preference and style. Trex Transcend railing can be used with composite balusters, aluminum balusters, and glass balusters.

How to clean Trex Transcend Railing

  1. Use a soft bristle brush, soap and warm water to remove dirt or debris.
  2. Remove color transfer with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  3. Remove small surface scratches, marks or scuffs with Dupli-Color Scratch Seal Clear Sealer Pen.

NEVER use acetone or other solvents on your Transcend Railing.

How much does it cost to build a deck with stairs?

Prices will vary based on style, material and color. For example, Trex offers a good, better, and best railing option. Trex Select Railings are good quality at an affordable price. The Select railing kits are simple and feature white railing with black balusters. Trex Signature Aluminum Railings are a better rail offering with 3 colors. Trex Transcend is the best railing option, with 7 color options that match Trex decking. Regardless of the price point that you choose, rest assured that Trex has product and price options for every home. If you are adding stairs to your deck, each Trex rail style offers stair rail kits as well.

Which generation of Trex Transcend products do you carry?

The first generation of Trex Transcend products was discontinued in 2013, so we only carry the second generation of Trex Transcend products. The first generation was a wood/plastic composite with no outer protective shell. Because of this, the color faded quickly. The second generation has a new shell finish, making these products resistant to color fading.

What is Trex Transcend?

Transcend products are the highest-performance composite decking and railing offered by Trex. Trex Transcend is the most luxurious Trex product line because it offers the widest range of color and design options. It allows homeowners and builders to easily customize railing to fit the style of any home or building.

How do I purchase a Trex Transcend Railing System?

There are many components that make up a Transcend Railing. We broke down the process into 6 steps to simplify the process. Follow these Trex Transcend Railing Steps:

  1. Choose your Trex Post Sleeves.
  2. Add Trex Post Caps and Skirts.
  3. Choose your Trex Transcend Rails.
  4. Pick your Trex Baluster shape.
  5. Choose the Trex Infill to hold the balusters in place.
  6. Optional: Choose accessories such as hardware or ADA handrail components and gates.

Note: One common accessory is the Cut Hardware Kit. This kit is used when a longer railing is cut into shorter sections, which may be needed in areas where the rail ends near a house or when you cut a section in half and use both sections.

Common Questions

What do you use to cut Trex railing?

Trex recommends using a miter saw with the Trex Blade or a carbide-tipped blade with 60 teeth or more. The Trex Blade comes in three different sizes and is ideal for cutting all Trex railing and decking products.