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Why Choose an Aluminum Railing System by Regal Ideas

Why Choose an Aluminum Railing System by Regal Ideas
By Katie Z.
October 12, 2021

Every aspect of your home contributes to its overall design, but sometimes details are the most important. While the eye is naturally drawn to more obvious aesthetic components like archways or architecture, smaller features like a deck railing provide the finishing touch. Combining superior style with innovative safety features, Regal Ideas offers aluminum rail systems that are designed to last. Each aluminum component features a premium UV powder coat finish, providing maximum durability that's also low maintenance. These rail systems are ideal for multi-family, residential, and commercial properties alike.

Regal Glass Railing

Choose Between Two Infill Options

Whether you're going for a more traditional, classic look with aluminum pickets or prefer the more modern, fresh appearance of glass panels, Regal Ideas has you covered. Each infill option works with the same aluminum rail system, which means your design could include both options if you can't decide which to go with - ultimately creating a totally customized look that none of your neighbors will have.  

Regal Ideas Aluminum Railing with Aluminum Pickets

Regal Ideas Aluminum Railing with Tempered Glass

Regal Ideas Aluminum Railing with Pickets & Glass Infill


Installation in 3 Easy Steps

Anyone can install a Regal Ideas aluminum rail system in a surprisingly short amount of time. The simple installation process requires only a few basic tools and no professional experience. Be sure to check with local building codes prior to construction to ensure you're in compliance with any regulations that may exist in your area.

  1. Install the posts. Do this by identifying the location of each post and then loosely securing each one into place to allow for some play if needed.
  2. Install the top & bottom rails. Simply slide the top rail and bottom rail into the welded post brackets, use a level to plumb all posts, tightly secure the posts in place, then fasten the top rail and bottom rail to the post. Tip: Drill a 3/16" hole every 24" of the bottom rail to allow any water or moisture to escape.
  3. Install the pickets or tempered glass infill. For pickets, lock into the bottom rail and snap into the top rail one at a time. As the pickets are being locked in, snap the aluminum spacers into the top and bottom rails between each picket. For glass panels, clip the vinyl insert into the  top & bottom rail and place a rubber block on each end, then slide the glass panel in from the top rail, making sure it's resting on the rubber blocks.


Watch the following video for an in-depth demonstration of how easy installing a Regal Ideas aluminum rail system really is.


If you want an aluminum railing system that's durable, easy to install, and looks great, Regal Ideas is the brand for you. Be sure to check out the Regal Ideas product line at DIY Home Center. We'll help answer any of your questions and even create a quote for you to get started on your project.