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How To Choose and Install DeckWise Ipe Clips

How To Choose and Install DeckWise Ipe Clips
By Kari N.
May 22, 2019

DeckWise Ipe Clip hidden deck fasteners have a unique and patented design that offers quick and easy installation. These deck clips will prolong and enhance the performance of hardwood, PVC, and composite decking. Both do-it-yourselfers and expert decking contractors can create a smooth, fastener-free deck surface.


Watch this video or read the information below to learn how to choose and install the right Ipe Clip for your project.



Compatible Decking

DeckWise Ipe Clips are for use with Air Dried, Kiln Dried, Composite and PVC Decking. They were designed for exotic hardwoods and come in colors that further camouflage fasteners between board gaps.


Deck Clip Material

Many hidden deck fasteners are made of metal. A metal fastener poses a risk of reacting with wood to cause staining. The Ipe Clip is molded of a malleable plastic polymer resin coating. Its construction allows for the natural expansion and contraction of wood decking, while also providing UV and chemical resistance. DeckWise Ipe Clip hidden deck fasteners have been tested to be up to 3x stronger than similar systems because of their black oxide stainless steel reinforcement. This insert provides corrosion resistance and easier installation by helping prevent the over-driving of screws.


Deck Board Gap

The deck gap spacing is integrated into the Ipe Clip shape. These fasteners have protruding legs that are sized to fit general deck gap spacing for numerous species of exotic hardwoods, composite decking, and thermal wood decking. Legs will hold strong and not crumble or collapse under pressure.


3 Types of Ipe Clips:


DeckWise Ipe Clip Extreme
3/32" Gap SpacingRecommended for Air Dried DeckingUV & Chemical Resistant Glass Filled PolypropyleneSquare Shape = More Surface Contact for Holding

ExtremeSDeckWise Ipe Clip ExtremeS

5/32" Gap SpacingRecommended for Kiln Dried, Composite, PVC DeckingUV & Chemical Resistant PolyethyleneVersatile Leg = Maximum Compatibility w/ Decking Materials

ExtremeKDDeckWise Ipe Clip ExtremeKD

1/4" Gap SpacingRecommended for Kiln Dried, Composite, PVC DeckingUV & Chemical Resistant PolyethyleneHollow Leg = Ideal for Expansion of Kiln Dried Decking


How To Install DeckWise Ipe Clips:


  • Insert the Ipe Clip into the pre-grooved slot where the deck board meets the joist.
  • Use the DeckWise Drill & Drive Kit to install.
  • Pre-drill at a 45-degree angle through the clip and board.
  • Insert a stainless steel trim-head screw through the clip and board.
  • Secure the Ipe Clip and repeat over each joist.
  • Slide the next board over the installed Ipe Clips.
  • Repeat.


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