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How To Install Deck Boards Easily Without Fasteners and Gaps

How To Install Deck Boards Easily Without Fasteners and Gaps
By Paige V.
February 14, 2014

Maybe easy isn’t the right word, but there are a variety of tools available to make more efficient work of installation of deck boards while providing superior fastener-free results. CAMO makes many of these tools, but their newest one, the Marksman Edge is different from the rest.

The CAMO Marksman Edge tool not only gives you a fastener-free surface, but it also gives you a zero-gap surface–without splitting, cracking, and without a high price tag. The Marksman Edge is designed specifically for pressure-treated lumber.

To help you decide if this tool is for you, here’s a quick overview of how to use it.

What You Need

You’ll need a drill set to its highest speed, the CAMO Marksman Edge, CAMO Hidden fasteners (use 1-7/8″ for 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ deck boards; use 2-3/8″ for 1-1/2″ to 2″ deck boards), and optional secondary spacers if a gap is desired. Of course, you’ll need pressure-treated lumber, too.

CAMO Marksman Edge being used to install deck boards.

Installation Overview

Begin the installation with the board that abuts the structure and fasten the outside edge to the joist. You might need to face fasten or use an L bracket from beneath the structure to fasten the inside edge of the abutting board.

The CAMO Marksman Edge has a magnetized screw guide that holds the screw in place. When driving the screws into place, keep the tool face flat on the surface of the deck board and the screw guide tight to the edge of the deck board.

You’ll use both hands, gripping the driver-drill in one hand and holding the Marksman Edge in the other. Keep the Marksman Edge tight to the board to maintain the screw angle and run the drill at full RPM. The screw will spin and auger the surface–do not force it–after a moment the screw will pull into the board.

Repeat this process down the length of the board to secure the deck boards to the joists and create a gap-free, fastener-free deck surface. You’ll be impressed with the results.


We think this is a great tool for efficiently getting a gap- and fastener-free deck surface, so we’re making sure that we have plenty in stock for the upcoming deck season. Get your CAMO Edge now at DIY Home Center.