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Atlantis RailEasy: Cable Railing in 3 Easy Steps

Atlantis RailEasy: Cable Railing in 3 Easy Steps
By Katie Z.
September 19, 2019

Cable has become a very popular infill option for railing because it offers unobstructed views, has a modern appearance, and is low maintenance. Although most cable railing will boast those same characteristics, the thing that often sets them apart from one another is their ease of installation. Some cable rail systems require professional contractors to install because they're so complicated. With RailEasy by Atlantis Rail Systems, practically anyone can install it in a relatively short amount of time. RailEasy has a patented design that allows it to be installed and maintained with only simple tools that most homeowners likely already have. 

RailEasy Cable Railing

RailEasy by Atlantis Rail Systems is a horizontal cable railing infill system that can be used with any wood, metal, or composite posts to create a modern, streamlined railing with unobstructed views. The system consists of patented cable rail fittings, stainless steel cable, and all other necessary hardware. Made from extremely corrosion-resistant 316L grade stainless steel, these fittings and cable will gracefully withstand years of exposure to the elements.

The RailEasy System is highly versatile in that it allows you the freedom to choose the posts you want to pair the cable with. Oftentimes consumers will opt for standard 4x4 wood posts because they're more price-friendly. However, composite, vinyl, and metal posts also pair well with this cable system and are all good options. Whichever posts you prefer, when you combine them with RailEasy, you will always have a stylish, timeless railing system.

RailEasy Cable Rail with Wood Posts

RailEasy Cable Rail with Composite Posts

The RailEasy Cable System even looks great indoors!

Nautilus Cable Railing

A new addition to DIY Home Center's Atlantis Rail Systems product selection is Nautilus. Nautilus combines the RailEasy Cable System with a round stainless steel top rail to give your railing a nautical vibe while still maintaining the other great elements that cable rail provides. An optional bottom rail can also be added, as shown in the photo below.

3-Step Installation

The RailEasy System has a simple 3-step installation process:

  1. Space & Install the Tensioners & Swivel Ends
  2. Measure & Run the Cable
  3. Tension the Center Cable

Of course, you will need to follow the more detailed instructions that are provided, but this system can easily be installed by a DIY-er. Atlantis Rail Systems also makes handy tools to assist with the installation process.

If you're considering adding cable rail to enhance an existing railing or use on a brand new railing, fill out and submit this free railing quote form to receive a custom quote from one of DIY Home Center's experts. You'll be able to find out how much it would cost you to install the RailEasy Cable System as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.