DekPro Prestige Cable Railing Undrilled Textured Cable Brace - 48"

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  • 3/4" intermediate baluster
  • Use between posts with unique spacing and with or without bottom rail (sold separately)
  • Keeps cables from deflecting
  • 48” length, Trimmable to fit any rail height
  • For level and stair
  • Connectors and stainless steel screws sold separately
  • 36" railing heights will have 10 cable runs or 9 runs and a bottom rail
  • 42" railing heights will have 12 cable runs or 11 runs and a bottom rail


DekPro Prestige Cable Railing Undrilled Textured Cable Brace - 48" is a textured color option as an intermediate baluster in the Prestige Cable Railing system. The undrilled cable brace is for use in unique installations where the hole spacing provided on the pre-drilled cable brace will not work. It can be used in cable railing with or without a bottom rail (sold separately). They are 3/4" in diameter, 48” long and made of high-quality aluminum. Cable braces are trimmable to fit any rail height and are used to keep cable from deflecting.

DekPro Prestige Cable Railing creates a minimalistic, modern deck railing that does not obstruct your indoor or outdoor view. This cable railing system consists of 1/8” high quality 316 grade stainless steel cable, 4” x 4” aluminum post sleeves and an aluminum top rail.

Typically, 36" railing heights have 10 runs of cable or 9 runs of cable if a bottom rail is used. 42" rail heights will have the full 12 runs of cable or 11 runs and a bottom rail. Check your local codes to see how many cable runs are needed for your system.


Sub BrandPrestige
Can Be Cut to LengthYes
Compatible Railing SystemPrestige Railing System
Package Includes(1) undrilled aluminum cable brace

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