DeckWise Star Drive Bit 1"

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  • Crafted from hardened steel
  • Available in several sizes
  • Torx design allows for a higher torque to prevent cam out
  • Ttap T15 star drive head has a locking tip which hold tight without stripping heads


DeckWise screw gun tips have a 6-point star to fit star drive screws and ttap T15 star drive heads . Crafted from hardened steel, the Star Drive bits are a perfect fit for a Star Drive deck screws.

Standard Torx drivers can be used to drive Ttap screws but Ttap drivers will not fit standard Torx screws due to the button tip. The Ttap tip offers a better grip and less stripping of a Ttap star drive head.

Choose the right driver based on the following DeckWise screw types: T-15 Driver Bits for #7 Self-tapping Metal Screws and ALL #8 Trim Head Wood Screws; TTap-15 Driver Bits for #8 Heat Treated Self-drilling Wood Screws; T-20 Driver Bits for #10 Composite Screws; and T-25 Driver Bits for #10 Bugle Head Wood Screws.


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