RailFX Railing Systems

RailFX aluminum railing systems are incredibly adaptable for use indoors or outdoors and on commercial or residential properties. Create the perfect railing system for your project with RailFX pre-engineered aluminum components that can be cut and easily assembled by snapping or screwing together.

The RailRX aluminum railing system has a durable construction of high strength 6000-series aluminum and innovative versatile design. It features multiple infill options from modern cable or glass to traditional balusters in order to create a variety of railing styles.

Step 1 - Choose an Infill Option

Cable Infill

Preserves views, offers low maintenance and lasting safety

Glass Infill

Beautiful aesthetic that screens wind while preserving views

Picket Infill

Stunning look that is low maintenance at affordable price point


The CableFX cable railing system is created when using RailFX aluminum railing with stainless steel cable infill. The combination of slim aluminum railing and lines of cable has an industrial looking design that is low maintenance and preserves views. The CableFX system is the most popular RailFX option chosen by customers due to its ability to complement any home style and strength.


GlassFX combines ¼” tempered glass panels with RailFX aluminum railing for a modern look with an excellent wind break. A glass infill option provides clear views and requires only a simple upkeep of regular cleaning. The GlassFX glass railing system is typically the chosen infill option for RailFX customers based on its beautiful appearance.


A classic PicketFX aluminum railing system can be created when using RailFX aluminum railing and aluminum pickets or balusters. The picket infill option consists of 5/8” x 5/8” aluminum balusters to establish a cohesive aluminum look. The PicketFX aluminum railing system is the economical RailFX choice for customers that do not mind a traditional look and a more restricted vision of scenery.

Step 2 - Select a Top Rail

The top rail will lay over the posts and miters together at corners. The RailFX aluminum railing system offers 4 different top rail designs to fit your project needs. Mix and match top rails on stairs and horizontal runs or select one style for your entire project. Choose from round, flat, elliptical and wood top rails to create an aluminum railing that is appealing and functional for your project or home.

Round Top Rail

Classic round top rail shape that attaches to the side of a post and allows for decorative post caps.

Flat Top Rail

A smooth, flat top rail surface that is a great alternative to wood or composite top rails and can hold a drink.

Elliptical Top Rail

The elliptical shaped top rail is most often used in stair applications to function as a handrail.

Rail for Wood Top

A top rail with the capability to attach a wood board (not included). This rail provides a great look that matches decking and a flat surface that can hold drinks or plants. Composite boards can also be used but wood is recommended due to composites tendency to expand and contract leading to shape change.

Step 3 - Pick a Post Mounting Style

The RailFX aluminum railing system uses 2-3/8" square posts made from 6000 series aluminum. You can install these aluminum posts in one of four post mounting styles. This allows you to choose the post style that best fits your project needs.

Surface Mount

The most common RailFX mount is the surface mount. This method involves mounting the post directly to the deck, patio, floor or stair tread.

Fascia Mount

RailFX posts can also be installed using a fascia mount. The post is side mounted to the deck fascia or rim joist board using a bracket when decking or flashing extends beyond the fascia board.

Flush Mount

A RailFX post can also be mounted flush. A flush mount is like the fascia mount but does not require the use of a bracket. The post is side mounted to a deck fascia board when no deck boards or flashing overhang the fascia board.

Core Mount

The RailFX aluminum railing system can also be installed using core mount posts. A post is core mounted when it is set in a hole filled with concrete and is grouted in place with non-shrinking grout.

Step 4 - Choose a Finish Color

RailFX offers 4 stock colors and endless custom colors that have a rigorous AAMA-2605 powder coat with superior color retention, weather protection and resistance to corrosion and impact. Select from black, white, bronze or anodized stock colors or request a custom color for an additional cost.

Why Choose RailFX?

  • It is 20%-30% less expensive than most competitors.
  • Components have an AAMA-2605 Powder Coat that can be used in coastal applications. Other aluminum railing brands commonly use lower quality AAMA-2604 powder coat.
  • RailFX offers a fast lead time with quotes completed within 24-48 hours and products shipping in 4-5 days.
  • Products are shipped in a superior packaging that minimizes shipment damage and project delays.