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On the Level with Patriot Leveling Post Mounts

On the Level with Patriot Leveling Post Mounts
By Jeanette P.
September 25, 2023

Let's talk posts. When it comes time to add that new railing, they aren't always there for you. Maybe they're missing or damaged, maybe they were never there in the first place, or maybe it's a new build. However you cut it, more posts are needed to support your railing system, whether it's on a wooden or composite deck, concrete steps, or a brick patio.

Whatever the scenario, we know two things: You need to add posts. And you want them to be level.

Level posts are crucial in railing installations for a number of reasons:

  • Safety: Level posts ensure that the railing is stable and secure.
  • Aesthetics: Level railings contribute to the overall visual appeal.
  • Building Codes: Many building codes and regulations require railings to be level for compliance.
  • Structural Integrity: Level posts help distribute the load evenly across the railing, preventing stress concentration.
  • Smooth Functionality: A level railing operates smoothly, whether it's used as a handrail on steps or as a guardrail on a deck.

Something else we know: Achieving a level railing with traditional stationary posts can require extra time and effort that includes precise measurement, cutting, and potentially adjusting the mounting brackets.

Thanks to the innovators at Color Guard, there's a simpler solution to achieve the level rails you want. It's the Patriot Leveling Post Mount, and you're going to be amazed at how easy it is to perfectly level your posts in no time flat.

Patriot Leveling Post Mounts on concrete steps

Patriot Leveling Post Mount

The Patriot Steel Leveling Post Mount by Color Guard is the ultimate leveling post mount solution. As you'd expect, you can to mount your Patriot Posts to wood, composite, and even concrete or brick surfaces. But the real magic lies in its adjustability that allows you to fine-tune the angle of your posts up to 11 degrees in any direction.

That's a real game-changer. No need for time-consuming measurements, cuts, planing, or shims during installation... or bracket adjustments after the fact. The leveling plate, and leveling screws that lock it in place, make it all possible. 

Patriot Post Mount leveling plate
Patriot Post Mount leveling plate

Adapts to Your Project

The adjustable angle is the ultimate in adaptability, but the Patriot Leveling Post Mount also conforms your project in some additional ways.

Are you planning to use 4x4 post sleeves? Or maybe you're thinking 5x5. Color Guard has you covered: The Patriot Post Mount comes in both sizes. But what if you're eyeing 6x6 post sleeves? No problem. With the Filler Kit, you can easily add to the 4x4 post mount to create your 6x6, ensuring compatibility and stability, no matter your choice.

Color Gurad Patriot Steel Post Mount
Color Gurad Patriot Steel Post Mount
, with filler and leveling plate detail

    Speaking of post sleeves, the Patriot Leveling Post Mount is universally compatible with 38" and 44" sleeves to accomodate 36" to 42" high railings. That's versatility.

    Built to Last

    Strength is the cornerstone of any great railing system, and it starts with the posts. Rated to withstand 500 pounds of pressure, the steel Patriot Post Mount is beyond sturdy. And, unlike traditional wooden posts, there's no warping, no twisting, no rot. These posts are designed to stand the test of time.

    Simple Installation

    Proudly manufactured in the USA using domestic materials, the Patriot Steel Post Mount is also a snap to install. Let's take a look at how this revolutionary product makes mounting level posts easy.

    The Color Guard Patriot Post Mount kit includes the steel post, four high-density fillers and screws, an adjustment leveling plate, and leveling screws. Sleeves to slip over the post mounts—like Color Guard Aluminum and Vinyl Post Sleeves—are sold separately.

    Before you install your Patriot Post Mounts, grab your safety glasses, fasteners appropriate for your type of decking material, a socket wrench, level, and a drill. Check the installation instructions that come with your kit for additional details.

    1. Add the leveling screws to the post base.
    2. Determine where you're going to mount the post, placing the post mount on top of the leveling plate. Mark four mounting holes and predrill.
    3. Secure the post with your fastening screws. Don’t tighten all the way yet.

      Secure the Patriot Post Mount with fastening screws
    4. Using a level, adjust the leveling screws with a socket wrench to achieve a plumb post. The Patriot Post Mount can be leveled up to 11 degrees in any direction.

      Adjust the Patriot Post Mount leveling bolts
    5. Once leveled, secure your four fastening screws.
    6. Attach the fillers to the top and bottom of the post mount using the holes provided. For a 38" post sleeve, attach the fillers in the downward direction. To install a 44" sleeve, attach the fillers in the upward direction.

      Attach the Patriot Post Mount fillers
    7. Slide on the sleeve and you’re done!

      Slide the sleeve on the Patriot Post Mount

    Surface Tips

    Wood and composite decking materials are the most popular choices for deck construction and the Patriot Post Mount easily attaches to both. Keep the following in mind when working with these surfaces:

    • Secure to the Joists: Whenever possible, attach the mounts directly to joists. Avoid attaching Patriot Post Mounts directly to the decking alone. Over time, the decking may lose its ability to securely hold the posts.
    • Bring in Reinforcements: If attaching to joists isn't possible, use a pair of 2x8s on their side attached to the deck framework as blocking.
      Deck blocking
    • Stabilize with a Mounting Plate: For extra stability get the optional Patriot Under Deck Anchoring Plate.

    Patriot Post Mounts can also be installed into your concrete or brick surface with the proper planning:

    • The Right Tool for the Job: Use a masonry drill bit for drilling into these materials.
    • Measure Twice, Drill Once: Concrete and brick are unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. Double-check your measurements before drilling.

    11 Degrees Make a Big Difference

    Whether you're working with wood, concrete, or composite surfaces, Patriot Leveling Post Mounts are your go-to solution for achieving completely level posts in less time and without any of the hassle. Once you experience 11 degrees of flexibility and the ability to simply lock down your posts in the perfect position, you'll never want to go back! Really, why would you? Just enjoy the precise results and accept the praise!

    Have questions about these innovative leveling post mounts? Contact us for answers and let's get you on your way to a successful project with Patriot Post Mounts.

    Check your local building codes before starting your post and railing projects and follow all rules, regulations, and requirements.