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5 Things To Know About Typar Butyl Flashing

5 Things To Know About Typar Butyl Flashing
By Paige V.
July 12, 2018

Typar Butyl Flashing is a sturdy yet flexible flashing that is designed for use on straight jambs and heads of windows or doors. It seals the seams and edges tightly to protect against moisture and air infiltration, thus improving the building's overall energy efficiency. The proprietary butyl copolymer formula is unlike rubberized asphalt-based flashings because it performs over a broader range of temperatures to deliver a more durable, longer-lasting seal.

There are a few other things that make this Typar Flashing different, so we assembled a list of the top five things you should know about Typar Butyl Flashing.

1. Compatible with Caulks & Sealants

Many rubberized asphalt-based flashings have a tendency to interact with caulks and sealants, but TYPAR Flashing Butyl is compatible with most products commonly used in window and door installations.

2. Easy to Apply

This new flashing features a split poly backing with peel-and-stick properties that make for an easy application.

3. For Any Job or Temperature

Typar Butyl Flashing is ideal for any job because it is available in 3 different sizes and provides maximum adhesion in a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable for installation down to 30° F (-1° C) and is thermally stable up to 180° F (82° C). The tape is available in rolls of 4″x75′, 6″x75′, and 9″x75′.

4. User & Environment Friendly

Typar Butyl Flashing contains no harmful VOCs and won’t off-gas. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are hazardous air pollutants that are often found in building products like paint thinners, wood preservatives, and other types of adhesives. This new butyl flashing contains zero VOCs, which will lead to a healthier working and indoor environment.

5. Lifetime Limited Warranty*

When used as a part of the Typar Weather Protection System, Flashing Butyl is covered by the Typar industry-leading lifetime-limited warranty that includes both materials and labor.

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