Feeney CableRail Intermediate Picket
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Feeney recommends a vertical member, either post or intermediate picket, spaced no further than 3' OC

Designed for CableRail projects with wood railing frames and 1/8" cable rail

Pre-drilled to support CableRail stainless steel infill cables spaced 3" apart

Includes all the components and parts you need for quick and easy installation

Level Rail Picket is 44" and Stair Rail Picket is 46"

Pickets can be used with or without bottom rails

Adjustable base plates in stair rail picket allows for flat as well as sloped attachment

Each stair rail picket can accommodate a slope between 20 and 45 degrees

.75" x .75"


This CableRail Intermediate Picket is a silver picket that is made from a high-strength, aluminum-alloy that offers the benefits of weather resistance, durability and easy maintenance, without having to worry about the rusting, peeling, splintering or repainting associated with other materials. Beautiful silver powder coated finish meets rigorous AAMA-2604 specifications for superior color retention, impact resistance, and weather protection. Pickets are backed by our 10-year limited warranty. Feeney intermediate pickets are lightweight and easy to handle. The pickets are also environmentally-friendly; they contain a minimum of 70 percent reclaimed content and are also fully recyclable.

Feeney Intermediate Pickets are non-structural railing members designed to help maintain CableRail spacing and minimize cable deflection. The CableRail kits are for level wood railing frames (with or without bottom rails) up to 42" high and having 1/8" CableRail infill cables spaced 3" on center. Before beginning installation, the entire railing frame must be constructed and posts drilled for the CableRail infill. Feeney recommends using a vertical member, either post or intermediate picket, spaced no further than 3' OC.

Item Contents

Description Quantity
Base Plates with Required Screws 2
Pre-drilled Picket 1


Manufacturer Feeney
Brand Feeney
Sub Brand CableRail
Can Be Cut to Length Yes
Clean Up SteelRenewal and SteelProtect Cleaner and Protectant Kit
Color Silver
Final Rail Height (Inches) 42
Kit Includes (1) pre-drilled picket, (2) base plates, all required screws, (1) Install instructions
Package Quantity 1
Type Cable Rail
Warranty 10-year limited warranty

Weights and Dimensions

Width (Inches) .75


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