Stinger CH38A Autofeed Cap Hammer


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60-80% fewer fasteners required than staples alone

Installs housewrap, underlayment, and rolled insulation

Airless autofeed system eliminates the need for a trigger

Cap and staple advances automatically to drive them in place with one blow

A fraction of the cost of a pneumatic cap stapler

Fastener capacity: 168 caps / 168 staples

Use with STINGER 3/8" StaplePac or DuPont Tyvek 3/8" Wrap Caps StaplePac


The STINGER CH38A Autofeed Cap Hammer delivers the holding power of a cap with the speed and ease of a hammer tacker. It's ideal for installing housewrap, underlayment, and rolled insulation and requires 60-80% fewer fasteners than staples alone. This airless cap system automatically advances the cap and positions it for the staple with every swing. The CH38A does not rely on an air compressor hookup, which avoids the cumbersome hose connection while working.


Manufacturer Stinger
Application For installing general residential roofing, sidewall applications, roofing felt, housewraps, underlayments, and more.
Compatible Fasteners STINGER A-11 3/8" 20ga StaplePac
Package Quantity 1
Quick ID Q585
UPC 042928147849

Weights and Dimensions

Weight (Pounds) 2.9


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