Wild Hog Products Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Wild Hog Products. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Wild Hog Railing Panels

What are Wild Hog Panels?

Wild Hog Panels are part of Wild Hog Products' mesh railing system. For homeowners seeking an easy-to-install, non-bulky railing that delivers a rustic, sturdy style and provides high visibility, Wild Hog panels are a superb option. The incredibly durable hog wire panels can build an attractive and affordable deck railing that can withstand the weather elements for decades to come.

What types of Wild Hog panels do you sell?

DIY Home Center sells four styles of Wild Hog Panels, each available in two types:

  • 6 Gauge: 6-gauge steel powder-coated mesh panels in Textured Black or Silver; available for Horizontal and Stair or Fence applications.
  • Smoky Mountain: Powder-coated black steel mesh panels available for Horizontal and Stair or Fence applications.
  • Raw Tahoe: Gray steel wire mesh panels that will rust over time for an authentic rustic look; available for Horizontal and Stair or Fence applications.
  • Black Tahoe: Powder-coated matte black steel mesh panels available for Horizontal and Stair or Fence applications.

Are Wild Hog panels galvanized?

Yes, Wild Hog panels go through a multi-step manufacturing process. The mesh panels go through a Phosphate bath, are Electro-galvanized, a Phosphate bath, are primed, and finally powder-coated.

Do Wild Hog panels rust?

Wild Hog panels are made out of steel (which does rust), however, the powder-coat finish is designed to prevent the steel from corrosion. Corrosion can be accelerated depending on how harsh the environment is, so additional maintenance may be required for harsher environments. The exception to this is Wild Hog's Raw Tahoe Panels, which are made from a gray steel wire that is intended to rust over time to give an authentic, rustic look.

Why are my powder-coated Wild Hog panels rusting?

The powder coat finish on Wild Hog panels is designed to prevent corrosion. When rust occurs, it's most often because the panels were mishandled and the powder coat finish scratched off. If the powder coat is broken, moisture can soak into the steel and cause the panel to rust. However, if you have the Wild Hog Raw Tahoe Panels (which are made from an unfinished gray steel wire), they are intended to rust over time to give an authentic, rustic look.

What can I do if my Wild Hog panels start to rust?

If your Wild Hog panels start to rust, apply Wild Hog's touch-up spray paint to the affected area immediately.

What methods are used to install Wild Hog panels?

There are two common methods used to install Wild Hog panels with wooden posts and railing:

  • Run a groove into the top & bottom rails and let the panel rest in those channels
  • Wedge the panel between wood (ex: 2x2) and build a frame all the way around the panel

What is the best way to cut Wild Hog railing products?

The best and easiest way to cut Wild Hog railing products is by using a small bolt cutter.

What is the best way to cut Wild Hog panels down to size?

Bolt cutters work the best for cutting Wild Hog panels down to size.

Are Wild Hog panels compatible with composite railing?

Yes, Wild Hog has a Freedom Fill Channel that allows you to install Wild Hog panels with Trex Transcend composite railing.

What aluminum and/or steel railing systems are compatible with Wild Hog panels?

There are multiple metal railing systems that Wild Hog panels are compatible with. Some of the most common are Trex Signature, Vista, and Cinch railing systems.

Can I install Wild Hog panels without a top and/or bottom rail?

Installing Wild Hog panels without a top and/or bottom rail is not recommended for proper installation.

What is the largest opening between posts when using the 5' x 6' stair rail panel?

Posts are typically set 5 feet apart on center, but it depends on the pitch of the stairs. Start with 5 feet as a baseline, then measure it out from there to make sure the panel fits.

Is there touch-up paint for Wild Hog panels?

Yes, Wild Hog makes Touch Up Paint to conceal any scratches, scuffs, marks, or rust on their mesh panels. Touch Up Paint is available in Black or Grey.

What are Hog Tracks?

Hog Tracks are aluminum channels that make installation of Wild Hog panels easy, fast, and professional-looking. They fasten to the wooden top & bottom rails in which the Wild Hog panels fit in between. The Hog Tracks Kit allows for the installation of one 3' x 6' panel to create a code-compliant infill panel when properly installed in a post and rail system that meets all local building code requirements.

How many Hog Tracks do I need for installing each Wild Hog panel/section of railing?

The Hog Tracks Kit makes ordering easy. One kit has enough components for each 6' or 8' section of railing you're building. Each kit includes (2) full-length 6' or 8' Hog Tracks, (2) 34" Hog Tracks, (50) Hog Tusks, and (25) star-drive screws.

How do I fasten Hog Tracks?

Hog Tracks can be fastened with self-tapping stainless steel screws, which are included with the Hog Tracks Kit.

How do I cut Hog Tracks?

Measure and mark with a pencil the desired length of the Hog Tracks channel you want to cut. A standard miter/chop saw with a carbide-tipped blade can be used. Follow all safety protocols, including the use of protective eyewear.

How do I install Hog Tracks?

Refer to the installation guide or video below for installing Hog Tracks.

Can I use Hog Tracks as my top and/or bottom rail without fastening to wood rails?

Using Hog Tracks as a top and/or bottom rail without fastening them to wood rails is NOT recommended for proper installation.

What are Hog Tusks?

Hog Tusks are vinyl stoppers that are applied to the cut ends of Wild Hog Panels to cover up the exposed steel. They protect the cut ends from rust and corrosion as well as eliminate any rattling noise that might occur from heavy winds. One package contains 50 Hog Tusks. Note: Hog Tusks are for use on Wild Hog welded mesh panels only.

How do I reduce the rattle after installing Wild Hog panels into the Hog Tracks channels?

First, make sure you use Hog Tusks on each cut-end to protect the exposed steel ends from rusting. Hog Tusks also help to reduce rattle, as does applying a clear caulking and/or silicone inside the Hog Track channel.

What is the easiest way to order a Wild Hog railing system?

When ordering a Wild Hog railing system, first you need to figure out how many 6' and/or 8' rail sections you have or will have. Then, simply order that same quantity of 6'/8' Panels and 6'/8' Hog Tracks Kits. You can also request a custom quote by submitting this quote form.

LINX Pergola System

What is LINX?

LINX is a sub-brand of Wild Hog Products that consists of various types of brackets and accessories for pergola systems.

What are the different types of LINX brackets?

There are eight different types of brackets in the LINX Pergola System: UNIFIT, TRIFIT, TETRAFIT, PENTAFIT, 45FIT, L/FIT, T/FIT, and COLINX. Each type is available in 4x4 or 6x6 size options.

How are LINX brackets constructed?

LINX brackets are constructed of high-grade steel (50% thicker steel than other products) for strength and long-lasting durability. Precision welding leaves the inside tube free and clear, allowing for 4x4 & 6x6 posts to attach with ease and eliminating the need for sanding or planing. LINX brackets go through a rigorous process of galvanizing, priming, and powder-coating. Fasteners are also powder-coated to ensure the perfect match and same longevity as the brackets.

How strong are LINX brackets?

LINX brackets are constructed of high-grade steel (50% thicker steel than other products) for strength and long-lasting durability.

What's the diameter of the holes in LINX brackets?

All LINX brackets have 5/16" holes. The LINX UniFit flange (used to secure the pergola) has 3/8" holes.

What is a typical pergola height?

The most common height for a pergola is approximately 8 feet. With 8-foot posts, the overall height will be 8'4" when using 4x4 LINX brackets or 8'6" when using 6x6 LINX brackets.

Are there brackets that fit rough sawn 4x4 and 6x6 posts?

LINX brackets were designed to be used with standard 4x4 and 6x6 lumber (actual dimensions 3.5" x 3.5" and 5.5" x 5.5" respectively) with no planing or sanding required. The dimensions of rough sawn lumber can vary depending on a number of factors, including how the lumber was milled as well as the moisture content at the time of the build. If you are thinking about using rough sawn lumber, it's possible that additional planing or sanding will be required in order for the posts to fit into the brackets.

What type of wood posts should I use for my pergola project?

Any straight, dry, standard-sized 4x4 or 6x6 posts from a local lumber retailer can be used. Cedar and Redwood are two of the most popular choices for pergola projects, but pressure-treated wood (least expensive) or tropical hardwood such as Ipe (most expensive) can also be used. Note: lumber dimensions for standard 4x4 wood posts are 3.5" x 3.5" and standard 6x6 wood posts are 5.5" x 5.5".

What if I run out of screws when installing my pergola?

The most likely reason to run out of screws is that all three (3) screw holes in the bracket sides were filled with screws. ONLY four (4) screws per post/beam are required to achieve optimal structural integrity (based on engineering reports completed), which means two (2) screws per side. The third hole is left empty for attaching the optional sunshade bracket or for other accessories that may be attached. If you still need additional screws, please contact us.

What material is the LINX Hammock made of?

The LINX Hammock is made from marine-grade Dacron Sailcloth with a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs. The Sailcloth includes a UV inhibitor to increase durability and longevity.

What are the dimensions of the hammock fabric?

The fabric part of the 4' x 8' hammock measures 40.25" x 80.5" and the fabric part of the 8' x 8' hammock measures 80.5" x 80.5".

What material is the LINX Sunshade made of?

The LINX Sunshade is made of HDPE fabric with UV-inhibitor and has a weight of 340 grams per square meter.

Is the sunshade waterproof?

No. The sunshade material is permeable (water will flow through) and is not designed to be waterproof.

Do I need to remove my sunshade or hammock during inclement weather?

It is recommended that you remove and store your LINX sunshade or hammock during heavy wind events or snowfall to prevent damage.