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Purely UV Germicidal Replacement Bulbs

Purely UV Bulbs

Looking for a UV Bulb for your pond, water or air filter or sterilizer? Look no further! We carry 100% quartz first quality Purely UV germicidal replacements bulbs for air, water and pond filters and sterilizers.

We have compatible UV-C replacement bulbs for Aqua Ultraviolet, Tetra Pond, Danner, Biozone and dozens of others. To get started, simply select your product manufacturer from the list below.

Find a Compatible UV Bulb by Manufacturer*



Find Your Bulb by Base

If you are unable to find your bulb using our manufacturer cross-reference list, you can find your bulb by using these easy steps

  1. Match your existing bulb to one of the bases below and click on the base.
  2. From the list of bulbs, match the wattage or length of your bulb. Some bulbs have a different length for the same wattage -- so be sure to match both watts and length.
  3. Add to Cart and buy with confidence -- we only carry 100% Quartz Purely UV brand germicidal bulbs

Click the Bulb Base That Matches Your Bulb

* Brand names, product names or trademarks listed belong to their respective holdings. Manufacturer names are provided as a reference for compatibility. Bulbs are not OEM bulbs sold by the manufacturer. Buy with confidence, we sell only premium 100% Quartz Purely UV bulbs.


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