Ultra-tec Cable Railing 102 Series for Wood or Metal Posts - Outside to Outside Mount
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For wood or metal posts

Includes stainless steel cap for non-tensioning end. (End cap for tensioning end sold separately.)

Easy to install with specific pre-cut lengths that can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field

Made from corrosion resistant, high-strength type 316 stainless steel

Pull-lock system makes installation fast and easy

Cable assemblies have a 2-7/8" long threaded stud which installs on the backside of one end post

Fittings at both ends completely concealed in post which protects the fitting and provides a cleaner appearance

Can be drilled level into wood or metal, even on stairs or radius. No angle drilling or beveled washer needed on end posts

Tensioning nut is made from brass which prevents thread lock

Suitable for indoor or outdoor enjoyment


Ultra-tec Cable Railing 102 Series for Wood Posts - Outside to Outside Mount allows for virtually unobstructed views with low maintenance. The 102 Series is an easy to install, pre-cut cable system that can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field. A short threaded stud is pre-attached to one end of the 1/8" stainless steel cable. The end of the threaded stud is broached for a hex wrench used to hold in place while tensioning with a brass hex nut. The other end attaches to a Pull-Lock system after pulling through the posts. No field swaging needed. The sleek and attractive design comes with stainless steel caps to give the rail a complete, finished look. One of the most economical cable rail systems on the market.

Fittings at both ends are concealed within any post1.9" or greater.

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