Tiger Claw TC-G Stainless Steel Fasteners - 900 Count

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ImportantThese clips are designed to be used with the TigerClaw Installation Gun. Find the Screw Nails (Scrails) here and the Installation Gun here.


  • Includes 900 stainless steel fastener clips (install gun and screw nails sold separately)
  • Covers approximately 500 square feet (16" on center)
  • Spacer tabs on the clip automatically gap the decking 3/16" for a consistent look
  • The TC-G reduces wood splitting, wood rot, and board cupping
  • Available in a hand-driven or pneumatic gun installation method
  • Ideal for grooved composites and hardwoods, 5/4" to 2"
  • Approved for use in saltwater applications and ACQ or chemically treated lumber for long-term performance
  • Includes a 25 year warranty


TC-G Stainless Steel Fasteners - Bucket of 900 is for use with 1" or thicker decking. The Tiger Claw system is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners on grooved decking. It is specifically designed to work with 5/4" or greater x 4" or 6" decking that is pre-grooved or grooved with the TC-G slot cutter.

The TC-G clips are made of 304-grade stainless steel and are approved for use in saltwater applications and ACQ or chemically-treated lumber for long-term performance. The clip's sharp prongs embed into the upper portion of the groove for strong holding power. In addition, the stainless steel screw ensures a lasting deck board to joist connection.


Manufacturer Part NumberF-5913-GNFS
BrandTiger Claw
Sub BrandTC-G
Compatible MaterialsIdeal for grooved composites and hardwoods, 5/4" to 2"
Coverage (Square Feet)Bucket of 900 Covers 500 sq. ft. at 16" OC, 350 sq. ft. at 12" OC, 700 sq. ft. at 24" OC
Gapping.1875 Inch
Package Quantity900
Warranty25 Year

Weights and Dimensions

Weight (Pounds)13.5

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