TC-4S for Iron Wood - Box of 90 - With Screws and Installation Block Tool

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The Tiger Claw TC-4S for Iron Wood - Box of 90 - With Screws and Installation Block Tool is designed specifically for exotic hardwood decking lumber. It creates a 1/8" spacing between each board.

TC-4 will work in the following decking lumber varieties:

Brazilian Redwood, Ipe, Iron Wood, Mangaris, PurpleHeart, and Teak.

Tiger Claw TC-4S should not be used with the following lumber varieties: 3/4" x 6" hardwood decking, 1" (5/4) x 6" hardwood decking, composite decking, cellular PVC decking, mahogany, meranti, cambara, and softwoods.

Please consult your lumber professional or ask us for recommendations first if you plan to use any other type of hardwood in your decking project.


  • Tiger Claw TC-4 hidden deck fastener package of 90 TC-4s with installation block tool
  • Designed specifically for exotic hardwood decking lumber
  • Compatible with Brazilian Redwood, Ipe, Iron Wood, Mangaris, PurpleHeart and Teak hardwood lumber
  • Creates 1/8" spacing between each board
  • Fasteners are designed to allow decking to expand and contract naturally by sliding on the fastener prongs and still maintain hold down strength. TC-4S can handle total board movement up to 1/8th of an inch.


Manufacturer Part NumberF-4534-T490
BrandTiger Claw
AppearanceSemi gloss black finish, rectangular body with tear drop shaped hole along lower bend. Two sets of square shaped opposing prongs with concave tips on top. 1/8" spacing flanges on inner prongs.
CoverageA fastener is needed at every intersection of a joist and decking board. When using 5.5" decking with 16" on center joists: Square footage x 1.75 = # Fasteners
Coverage - Square Feet90 count box covers 50 sq. ft. at 16" OC, 35 sq. ft. at 12" OC, 70 sq. ft. at 24" OC
Dimensions.375" h x 2.12" w x .52" d
FinishPassivated, black polymer coating
GappingTC-4S will automatically create a 1/8" space between each board.
Material.034 420 annealed stainless steel, post hardened and tempered (magnetic); Tensile strength ~ 220 kpsi; Rockwell ~ 41-44 RC
Package Quantity90
Recommended Screw UsedQuality stainless steel #7 x 1 5/8" square drive trim head decking screw. Screws and square drive bit included in every box.
WorkabilityAll work can be done quickly from above using basic tools (hammer, screw gun, sledge hammer)
Ships to HI/AKNo