Sure Drive USA Mantis Eliminator RCS Pneumatic Installation Tool

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  • Uses collated screws that are shot in like a nail
  • Installs hidden deck fasteners up to 80% faster than conventional methods
  • Provides same holding power as standard hand drive screws
  • EZ Slide attachment makes installation easy in most any environment
  • Magnetic feature on the Eliminator holds clips in place during the installation process


Sure Drive Mantis Eliminator RCS pneumatic installation tool utilizes Ballistic Nailscrews and can help you install hidden deck fasteners up to 80% faster than conventional methods while providing the same holding power as our standard hand drive screws. The EZ-Slide attachment makes it quick and easy to install Mantis clips in just about any environment. Simply drop the Mantis clip into the slide attachment, push forward to engage the Mantis tab into the groove and pull the trigger. There is no more having to try and attach a small clip into the nosepiece of a tool, angle it down into the groove to install and then slide it out of the clip sideways to disengage the tool. This is a process of the past thanks to our Eliminator RCS. Just drop the clip - push forward - pull the trigger and you're done with the Eliminator RCS Mantis(R) installation tool.


ManufacturerSure Drive USA
Manufacturer Part NumberMANTISTOOL1
BrandSure Drive USA
Sub BrandMantis
Compatible MaterialsBallistic NailScrews
Included AccessoriesEZ Slide Attachment
Package Quantity1

Weights and Dimensions

Weight (Pounds)8.75

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