Sure Drive USA Mantis 345 Deck Clips - 90 Pack
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Sure Drive Mantis 345 Deck Clips

Works well with boards like NyloDeck, Premium Composites and Stylecrest.

Includes (5) start and (5) finish clips with (100) hand drive or Ballistic Nailscrews

Leaves no visible fastener on your deck surface

Easy to install

30 year limited warranty against loose deck boards


Sure Drive Mantis 345 Deck Clips work well with boards like NyloDeck, Premium Composites and Stylecrest. Because Mantis clips are custom made to precisely fit the groove in the deck board, it achieves optimum fit and holding power. Base of clip elevates deck board off of surface of joists, reducing undercarriage rot, ice shear and lateral load stress. In regions with wide daily temperature swings this extra holding power keeps decks from "walking" and loosening. The clips can be installed with either hand drive screws or Ballistic Nailscrews. By using the Eliminator RCS pneumatic installation tool, the installation process is easy and is up to 80% quicker than the conventional method.

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