Stinger CH38-2 Cap Hammer


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Economical alternative to stapling


Installs housewrap, underlayment, and rolled insulation

Requires only one hand to use

Holds 168 caps / 168 staples

Use with STINGER 3/8" StaplePac or DuPont Tyvek 3/8" Wrap Caps StaplePac


The STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer is the economical, non-pneumatic alternative to stapling. The CH38-2 is ideal for installing housewrap, underlayment, and rolled insulation in a fraction of the time it would take when using traditional staples. This plastic cap stapler is designed to be used with only one hand, leaving the other hand free to adjust material as needed.

With this system, every nail is automatically driven through a small, circular plastic cap that effectively seals the holes created by the fastener. This ensures that no water will leak through the underlayment or housewrap because of holes left by the fasteners. In addition, capped staples provide 20 times the holding power of non-capped staples, even though fewer fasteners are actually needed.


Manufacturer Stinger
Application For installing general residential roofing, sidewall applications, roofing felt, housewraps, underlayments, and more.
Compatible Fasteners STINGER A-11 3/8" 20ga StaplePac
Package Quantity 1
Quick ID Q1177
UPC 042928147832

Weights and Dimensions

Weight (Pounds) 2.6


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