Starborn Industries Pro Plug System for TimberTech Azek Decking - 300 Square Feet

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  • Includes (1050) screws, (1125) plugs, and (1) Pro Plug PVC Tool
  • Plugs are made from actual Azek deck and trim board material so the color and grain match perfectly
  • Star drive; Extra deep recess reduces cam-out
  • When used with the PVC Tool, the fasteners create a perfect hole for the matching plug, without pre-drilling.
  • All fasteners are ACQ approved
  • Azek Acacia, Azek Kona and Azek Morado now have Alloy Armour Technology
  • Note: Standard drills are recommended for use with the Pro Plug PVC Tool and Smart Bit Depth Setter. Impact drivers may not set the screw to the correct depth.


The Pro Plug System for Azek Decking - 300 Square Feet is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for Azek Decking. With the epoxy coated or stainless steel fasteners, it gives builders the ability to choose the right screw for a wide variety of applications. Alloy Armour Technology has been added to the Azek Acacia, Azek Kona, and Azek Morado options. The AAT is a proprietary alloy blend that provides improved performance characteristics improving fade resistance and resistance to scratching.

The system features the PVC Tool (which drives screws to the correct depth without stripping the screw recess or damaging the deck board surface), star drive fasteners in both epoxy coated carbon steel and stainless steel (Grade 305 and Marine Grade 316), and plugs made from actual deck and trim material.

When using the PVC Tool, the fasteners create a perfect hole for the matching plug, without pre-drilling.


ManufacturerStarborn Industries
BrandStarborn Industries
Sub BrandPro Plug
Compatible MaterialsAzek Decking
Compatible ToolsPro Plug PVC Tool
Kit Includes(1050) screws, (1125) plugs, and (1) Pro Plug PVC Tool
Number of Plugs1125
Number of Screws1050
Screw Size#10


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