Screw Products EPIC White Trim Head Wood Screw - #9

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  • White head trim screw
  • Trim head with slightly larger diameter than industry standards
  • Turbine ribs cut quickly into the wood leaving a professional, clean finish with maximum wood contact
  • Cup shaped countersinking head provides increased holding power and reduced risk of splitting
  • Twin blade knurls remove debris and cuts fast to dramatically reduce friction and head on the shank and load on the drill
  • Sharp threads all the way to the tip for immediate grip and fast start
  • Inset thread cut reduces splitting effect and minimizes driving torque needed to engage the wood
  • Zytec XT coating for general outdoor use
  • Compatible with most above ground pressure treated lumber
  • Common applications include general indoor and outdoor jobs, trim work, interior and exterior framing, windows, doors, remodeling and repair, residential construction, cabinetry, and more


The EPIC #9 White Head Trim Head Wood Screws have a white head and are slightly larger in diameter than the industry standards. Combined with the turbine ribs under the head which cut quickly into the wood, this screw gives maximum holding power while leaving a clean, professional finish. The cup shaped countersinking head provides increased holding power and reduced risk of splitting. The twin blade knurls cut fast to dramatically reduce friction and heat on the shank, while reducing load on the drill. The fast start tip immediately grip the wood for a fast start. Threaded all the way to the tip, the inset thread reduces the risk of splitting and minimizes the driving torque needed. Along with the Zytec XT coating these trim screws can be used for general indoor or outdoor jobs. Common applications include trim work, interior and exterior framing, windows, doors, cabinetry, and more.

For ground contact treated lumber, areas within one mile of salt water, near swimming pools, or in areas with corrosive chemicals, use EPIC #9 Trim Head 305 Stainless Steel Screw Wood Screws.


ManufacturerScrew Products
BrandScrew Products
Sub BrandEPIC
ColorWhite head
Drive SizeT-20
FinishZytec XT
Head TypeTrim
MaterialCoated Carbon Steel
Screw Drive TypeStar
Screw Head StyleCountersinking
Screw Point TypeType 17 Auger Tip
Screw Size#9
Shank Diameter - Inches.136

Weights and Dimensions

Head Diameter (Inches).268
Thread Diameter (Inches).122-183

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