Regal Ideas Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Regal Ideas. If your question is not answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Common Questions

What lighting colors are available with the Regal LED Lighting system?

The Regal ideas LED System comes with a remote control unit that provides 3 brightness and color settings of white, gold, and blue.

What is the best way to determine the number of LED light strips that are needed?

  • 1x Power supply per 60’ of LED lighting
  • 1x LED lighting strip per 6 feet of railing section
  • If using pickets: 1" x 4” clear spacers per 6 feet of pickets
  • If using tempered glass: 1x 2pc glass gasket per 6 feet of tempered glass
  • If installing stair lighting: 1x LED-SP per 6 feet of stair pickets

Crystal Rail Glass Railing

What is the Regal ideas Crystal Rail System?

The Regal Crystal Rail system is a stunning system made of White “No-Iron” Tempered Glass panels for a completely unobstructed view. The tempered glass panels are 98% free of iron, which provides clarity and beauty. The system is pre-lit with LED lights, as well.

Common Questions

What is the Picket System?

The Regal Picket Railing System is an aluminum railing system with patented locking pickets, which allows the system to be quickly installed without the use of bottom rail supports and fasteners. The railing system is made of 100 percent pure high strength aluminum with a premium UV powder coat finish that will never rust.

How do I measure to ensure I order the correct length of railing?

To install rails, measure the distance between the posts at the base of the post. Deduct 1/2” from this measurement and cut the rails.

What is the Regal ideas Glass System?

The Regal Ideas Tempered Glass provides a safe and unobstructed view for homeowners. It is made of tempered glass panels and 100% pure high-strength aluminum with a premium UV powder coat finish that will not rust. Regal Ideas offers this glass railing system with an aluminum frame. Regal also offers a higher-end glass railing that is pre-lit with Regal LED Lighting and is essentially post-free. That system is called CrystalRail.

How thick are the tempered glass panels?

The Regal ideas Tempered Glass panels are 6mm (1/4”) thick. Unlike many other systems that require customers to find a local source for tempered glass, the Regal glass railing system offers not only the aluminum rails and posts but also the tempered glass infill.

Crystal Rail Glass Railing

Do the glass mounting brackets include lights?

Yes, The Crystal Rail glass mounting brackets include pre-installed LEDs to light up the glass panels at night.

How many glass mounts can be connected to one power adapter?

40 glass mounts (20 glass panels) can be connected to one power adapter. Make sure the power adapter and RF remote receiver are never mounted in a location that is directly exposed to the elements or anywhere that water will pool.

Common Questions

How do I clean the Regal Ideas Picket System?

Before applying any cleaning product to your aluminum railing system test a small, inconspicuous area. Clean the railing at least twice per year with mild, non-abrasive soap and water, using a soft sponge. Always remove any tree seeds, sap, bugs, etc. immediately as sun exposure and heat will make them difficult to remove. Use a mild or non-abrasive product (‘Soft Scrub’, cut-polish) for minor scuffs and scratches.

Do you need an adaptor for each LED lighting strip?

The power adaptor can run up to 60 feet of LED lighting strips. The LED strips clip together in series for quick and easy installation.

Crystal Rail Glass Railing

How is the Regal ideas Crystal Rail System installed?

The Regal ideas CrystalRail glass panels are installed using glass mounting brackets which include pre-installed LEDs that light up your glass panels at night. Easy to install, no splicing wires or direct hard wiring required. It's a plug-and-play system.

  • Install mounting brackets on deck and stairs (begin with openings for gates or stairs)
  • Connect wiring and check that all LED lights are functioning properly
  • Install glass panels
  • Install stair glass panels
  • Install gates
  • Install all bracing clips
  • Install top and bottom support posts
  • Install handrail assembly

Common Questions

What is the Regal Ideas glass rail system warranty?

The warranty is a 20-year limited warranty on the aluminum frame and a 1-year warranty on the Tempered glass panels.

What railing systems are compatible with the Regal LED lighting system?

The Regal LED Lighting is used with Regal Picket Railing or the Regal Glass Railing system. The LED lighting is not needed for Regal Crystal Rail because the Crystal Railing has and LED lighting system built into the rail.