RailFX Aluminum Cable Brace

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  • Supports cables from deflecting when wood, metal, or composite sleeved posts are spaced 6'-8' apart
  • Design allows for cable braces to be installed after railing framework is in place
  • 5/8” x 5/8” square tube
  • Level are 42" long; Undrilled and Stair are 50" long
  • Holes for level and stair are pre-drilled at 3-1/8” on center with 12 holes total
  • Stair have slotted holes that are offset to allow for use with angles between 30-40 degrees
  • Undrilled can be used for level or stair
  • If using the undrilled cable brace on stair, the plates will not be used. Use the U-Ball Connector (sold separately)
  • Trimmable to fit any rail height
  • Includes plates to mount the top and bottom of brace to rail or deck


The RailFX Aluminum Cable Brace is used to support the cables from deflecting when wood, metal, or composite-sleeved posts are spaced 6' to 8' apart. All cable braces are 5/8” x 5/8” square tubes and can be cut down to any size to match the top rail height. For the level and stair, holes are pre-drilled at 3-1/8” on center with 12 holes total. The undrilled brace can be used for level or stair applications. Use the included cable brace floor plates to attach to the top and bottom rail or deck.


Can Be Cut to LengthYes
Installation Tools RequiredT40 Torx Bit
Package Quantity1
Package Includes(1) Cable Brace, (2) Shoes, and Screws
Recommended UseSupports Cables from Deflecting When Structural Posts are Spaced Over 48"

Weights and Dimensions

Depth (Inches).625
Width (Inches).625

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