OZCO Building Products OWT-LITE Ironwood Post Base

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  • OWT-lite Post Bases have 2 side plates (instead of 4) and are fabricated with 40% thinner steel than original OWT Post Bases
  • Recommended for pergolas, decks, veranda posts, pavilions, arbors, and railings All hardware included
  • Beautiful black powder-coated finish for long-lasting, non-corrosive wear
  • Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber
  • Kit includes: (1) Post base plate, (2) decorative plates, (4) hex cap nuts, (4) 3/8" H-bolts and (4) 1-3/4" OWT timber screws
  • For concrete: Use a 1/2" concrete wedge anchor bolt (3-4" in length) (not included) in the center hole which is a 5/8" diameter. The four corner holes are not needed when installing into concrete.
  • For wood deck: Use 5/16" diameter anchor bolts (not included) on the four outside corner holes. The center hole is optional but not absolutely necessary. To protect the deck, OZCO recommends using blocking underneath if not attaching to/through the joist.


An OZCO OWT-Lite Ironwood Post Base is a simplified version of the original OWT Ironwood Post Base. It is designed to meet the minimum load requirements and is offered at a lower price point. Ironwood OWT-Lite Post Bases are made of galvanized steel, then black powder coated for an attractive finish. The main differences between OWT-Lite Post Bases and Original is that the OWT-Lite version has plates on 2 sides instead of all 4 and is fabricated with steel that is 40% thinner.

Ironwood OWT-Lite Post Bases can be combined with the entire line of Ironwood OWT connectors for a uniform and professional look throughout your whole project. Like the original OWT Post base, OWT-Lite features individually adjustable plates that allow them to fit tightly against each side of the post every time depending on species or market.

Item Contents

Base Plate
Hbolt .3750-16 x .75 x .75-N
OWT Timber Screws - 1/4"
Side Compression Plates


ManufacturerOZCO Building Products
BrandOZCO Building Products
Compatible Fasteners(1) 1/2" Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolt for Concrete or (4) 5/16" Diameter Anchor Bolts for Wood Applications
Package Quantity1
Package Includes(1) Base Plate, (2) Side Compression Plates, (4) OWT Timber Screws, and (4) Hbolt .3750-16 x .75 x .75-N
Recommended UsePost base


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