OZCO OWT Timber Screws & Bolts

OZCO OWT Fasteners: Timber Screws & Bolts

  • OZCO Timber Screws are wood screws with a built in washer and 38 in hex head. They save time by not requiring pre-drilling and are available in lengths ranging from 1-34” up to 12”.
  • OZCO Timber Bolts connect materials in sizes between 4” - 12” without requiring you to pre-measure for an exact bolt size. All Timber Bolts are adjustable up to 2 inches and provide an appealing look.
  • OWT Timber Bolts & Timber Screws make installations faster and connections stronger.
OWT Timber Bolt 3/4" - Carton

by OZCO Building Products

from $257.97
HD Timber Bolt Washer - 2"

by OZCO Building Products

from $10.97