OZCO Building Products Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Ozco Building Products. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Common Questions

Oz-Deck vs. precast concrete deck blocks or pier blocks?

Oz-Deck and deck or pier blocks use different construction techniques for building the deck structure. A deck block system requires blocks under every joist with no larger than 5’ spacing, which can result in builders needing twice as many blocks for the same deck than if they used Oz-Deck. Using deck blocks can also be a very time-consuming and tedious method because blocks are heavy, difficult to move, and must be in the perfect location under joists. Oz-Deck may require an extra beam but will offer lateral load strength and substantial vertical up load resistance that is not possible with deck piers. This means that there is no risk of the post becoming dislodged with the support when using Oz-Deck.

What size and type of Oz-Post Post Anchor should I use?

It is best to use the longest Oz-Post Post Anchor that will easily drive into the ground, but the largest is not for everyone. If the ground you are building on is more firm and compact, then you may have to use a shorter Oz-Post. The style or type of Oz-Post you use will depend on the materials you intend to use. There are post anchors for wood posts, square metal posts, and round metal posts, so simply choose the correct Oz-Post for your project.

How do Oz-Posts perform in frost?

Oz-Posts are excellent in warm and cold climates. They are a great option for frost-prone areas because the smooth fin sides and pointed tip give frost nothing to grab onto and use to push it out of the ground. This makes them a much better and more cost-effective option compared to concrete installation that will likely require added sleeves to handle frost-prone conditions.

Are Oz-Posts covered by warranty?

Yes, Oz-Posts have a 25-year warranty against rust perforation. They are also made of a thick zinc coating and are hot-dipped galvanized. Under normal conditions, they are expected to outlast the service of the posts they support.

Can Oz-Posts be used for a gate?

Yes, they can be used for gates that would normally be installed with 6” – 8” post holes and concrete.

Was Oz-Post tested?

Yes, Oz-Post has been tested for wind loads to 120 mph on a 6’ high wood privacy fence.

Do I need to have my utilities marked for OZ-Post?

Yes, because the Oz-Post is driven into the ground 24”–34”, you should call for locations of all utilities. The service is free and is accessed by calling 811 or your local utility company.

Does Oz-Post meet building codes?

Yes, most inspectors do not have any issues with the use of Oz-Post because it is specifically designed, tested and engineered for constructing fences. If you are in a high wind area, then your inspector may request to see the wind load testing (which is available for download on the Oz-Post Page). Follow your local building code requirements in all situations. OZCO recommends for you to print out the specification sheet for the Oz-Post you are planning to use and include it with your building permit application.

What is the Oz-Hammer for?

The OZCO Oz-Hammer Driver is a high grade steel attachment that fits on most jackhammers and is used to install Oz-Post. It may also require a Hammer-Spacer Hammer-Spacer for the Oz-Post model you are using.

What is the Hammer-Spacer for?

The OZCO Hammer-Spacer is an adapter for the Oz-Hammer that is required for installing many of the Oz-Post models. A Hammer-Spacer is also recommended for Oz-Post installations using a sledgehammer as well.

What is an Oz-Deck Foundation System?

The OZCO Oz-Deck Foundation System is a floating deck system, which spreads the deck load over more square inches of earth instead of the alternative method that consists of digging post holes and attaching a ledger to the house. Most deck failures happen due to an improper ledger attachment, so the Oz-Deck method is more secure because no ledger board is required. It is called a “floating deck” because it is not attached to the home but rather sits tight to its side. Although there are options to attach the deck to your house with an Oz-Deck system, the fact is that a “floating deck” is much easier, faster, and better to construct than the traditional system.

Can I use an Oz-Deck System on unlevel ground?

Yes, most yards are not completely level and Oz-Deck is ideal for all types of terrain.

How high can I build my deck with Oz-Deck?

A deck can be up to 10 feet high with an Oz-Deck system, but decks over 5 feet will require 2’x2’ angled cross braces.

Does the Oz-Deck system meet building codes?

Yes, if used according to system recommendations and the deck is unattached from the house, then Oz-Deck conforms to all national and regional building codes.

What size posts can be used with Oz-Deck?

Oz-Deck is available for 4x4 and 6x6 posts.

What size beams and joists should I use with Oz-Deck?

Oz-Deck beams should consist of two 2×8 boards nailed together, rested on top of the post, and then attach with steel connectors. Two 2×6 boards could also be used, but they may require closer spacing to comply with local building codes. A low-profile deck can have beams mounted on the sides of posts and attached with large bolts or brackets. Make sure board spacing follows building code and the manufacturer's guidelines if using composite decking. In general, 2x6 deck boards can be on 24’ centers and 5/4” and composite decking should be on 16” centers.

How long does it take to install Oz-Deck?

The installation of an Oz-Deck plate takes roughly 2 minutes, but when considering project planning should take about 10-15 minutes on each post. So, a standard 12’ x 12’ deck that requires 9 Oz-Deck plates should have all piers in place in around 2 ½ hours and be easily completed by two people in one day.

How is an Oz-Deck Foundation System in frost?

Oz-Deck performs great in frost-prone areas and is likely to only experience very minimal (if any) movement and will not be noticeable.

Will my deck move sideways or pull from the house with OZ-Deck?

No. The deck may move slightly up and down, but it will be very minimal and not noticeable.

What is an Oz-Fence?

OZCO Oz-Fence includes post extenders and fence brackets that provide innovative hardware solutions to problems builders face during and after wooden fence installation. The WAP-OZ Steel To Wood Fence Brackets feature screws embedded into the bracket and bendable tabs that can achieve any angle. There are also OZCO WAP-OZ Steel To Wood 90° Fence Brackets that can be used to quickly and easily fence in corners of oddly-shaped areas or tight spaces. Lastly, there is an Oz-Fence Post Extender that can raise an existing fence up to 3 feet in height when a homeowner realizes they want a little more privacy from their existing fence.

Can I cut an Oz-Fence Extender shorter?

Yes. The Oz-Fence Extender comes ready to increase a fence height by 3 feet, but can easily be cut to a shorter length for achieving your desired fence height.

What is the difference between original OWT hardware and OWT-Lite?

OZCO OWT-Lite has the same beautiful design as original OWT hardware, but is more simplified and offered at a lower cost. It has the same construction of steel that is hot dipped galvanized and black powder-coated, but made of steel that is 40% thinner and consists of post bases with plates on two sides instead of all four.

What OZCO hardware do I need to create a pavilion, pergola, etc?

OZCO offers a complete online library of a variety of project plans that include photos, easy-to-use step-by-step instructions, and a bill of materials. There are OZCO plans for pergolas, pavilions, fences, gates, swings, benches, patio tables, picnic tables, garden beds, arbors, and more. Simply visit the OZCO Project Library to view a variety of free wooden project plans, choose your project, and get started with the provided list of hardware.

What is the difference between OWT Ironwood and OWT Laredo Sunset?

Many OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) are available in the style options Ironwood or Laredo Sunset. The Ironwood style has a more traditional square, flat-top design, while Laredo Sunset has a more round, decorative look. Both options will be constructed of the same material and install exactly the same, so the choice is simply which style design you prefer!

What is OZCO?

OZCO is a manufacturer of high quality building products that is passionate about providing materials for DIY’ers and pro builders. They offer easy-to-use project plans with step-by-step instructions and a bill of materials for outdoor living structures like pergolas, pavilions, and more. OZCO hardware and ornamental wood ties have innovative designs that make builders proud of their work.

What are the key features of OZCO Building Products?

  • Patents- OZCO has 10 U.S. patents on its products and have more pending.
  • Social Proof- There are hundreds of positive product reviews, products featured on several home improvement shows and thousands of DIY’er and pro builder submitted pictures, posts and engagement.
  • Thicker Steel- Creates a stronger connection and is more pleasing to the eye.
  • Cost Savings- OZCO OWT Hardware has the lowest cost per pound.
  • Adjustable- Products offer easy adjustable on-site installation.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized- Products can withstand the harshest environment conditions.
  • Powder Coated- Products perform better than those using liquid paint and provide consistency.
  • Testing/Reports- Hardware is structural and build to perform above industry standards.
  • Kits & Packaging- Necessary hardware is included (when possible) to keep builders lists short and save them time and money.
  • Timber Bolts & Screws- Strong, appealing and available in a wide variety of lengths.

What is OWT?

OWT stands for Ornamental Wood Ties and is a line of connectors by OZCO building products. OZCO OWT products consist of post bases, post to beams, joist hangers, beam hangers, rafter seams, rafter clips, truss ties, truss fans, truss accent plates, Timber Screws, Timber Bolts, gate hardware and more.

What are OZCO Building Products made of?

OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) are made of thick solid steel that is hot dipped galvanized and black powder-coated. They are constructed from the highest quality materials that make them very strong and completely weather resistant. OWT connectors have a rugged, black look that is very appealing and is offered in a square Ironwood or round Laredo Sunset design.

What types of wood can I use with OZCO Building Products?

OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) can be used with all types of lumber, including pressure treated, cedar, and more.

What can I use OZCO Hardware for?

OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) can be used to construct outdoor or indoor wooden structures and furniture. Common uses for OWT connectors include decks, gazebos, fences, pergolas, arbors, and pavilions, but OZCO building products can be used for virtually any wooden project.

What is Oz-Post Instant Post Holes?

OZCO Oz-Post is a fast and easy instant post hole system that uses high-quality, steel post anchors to install wooden posts or fence posts without a mess from digging or pouring concrete. It consists of an intelligent post anchor design that prevents wood from premature rot and weed eater damage. Oz-Post Post Anchors are installed using a sledge hammer, OZCO Manual Driver Kit or the OZCO Jackhammer Driver Kit. An Oz-Post system is great for installing temporary or permanent fencing, mailboxes, clotheslines, playground equipment, street signs, decks and more.

Is an Oz-Post Foundation System as strong as a concrete installation?

Yes, Oz-Post has proven to be equally as strong as a traditional concrete installation for fencing and sign projects.

How tall can I build my fence with Oz-Post?

The height of your fence depends more on post spacing than it does on the foundation. For wooden fences, OZCO recommends a 6’ post spacing for an 8’ tall fence and an 8’ spacing for a 6’ tall fence. For fences that are chain link, vinyl, and ornamental, you should follow the manufacturer's recommended post spacing.

How are Oz-Posts when the ground becomes waterlogged?

The natural expansion and contraction of ground soil due to waterlogging or water saturation levels cannot be avoided by any fence. The Oz-Post system will react similarly to fences that are constructed in concrete. There may be increased movement in your fence when the water saturation level is high, but the shifting of your fence will decrease back to usual levels when the ground dries.

How does an Oz-Post react to wood shrinkage?

Wood will naturally shrink as moisture is absorbed and then evaporates. When such shrinkage occurs, there is no need to worry with the Oz-Post because it fully encapsulates the post and allows for drainage. OZCO recommends tightening the hardware 2-6 months after installation to assure the tightest connection or to use a small amount of polyurethane glue to create a strong connection without having to re-tighten screws. Wood shrinkage is a greater problem for fences installed in concrete because they hold water, which makes the wood rot. The Oz-Posts drain water well and separate wood from the soil, which protects against premature wood rot.

Can I have a hot tub with Oz-Deck?

Yes, Oz-Deck can support the load of a hot tub. It is required that the post spacing between the beam and post be decreased by 3’ center at the location of the hot tub. It is also recommended that extra Oz-Deck plates are installed, with a minimum of 6 plates under a standard hot tub.

Do I need to put anything under Oz-Deck piers?

No, they can sit directly on top of soil or grass. If you would like to put something on the ground, then you can put a fine gravel on the surface.

What happens if I hit a rock installing an Oz-Post Post Anchor?

When using a jackhammer for installation, the Oz-Post will become an extension that can break through loose shale and some rock. It will be able to push aside small boulders, but it cannot penetrate large solid bedrock or boulders without additional preparation to the ground. If one of these cases arise you can either move the hole, try a shorter Oz-Post, or pre-drill a hole in the rock.

Can I remove an Oz-Post Post Anchor?

Yes. If you placed an Oz-Post in the wrong spot, the fence needs moving, it was only there temporarily, or for any other reason, it can be extracted.

How to remove an Oz-Post Post Anchor:

  1. Use a 6’ long pry bar.
  2. Place the pry bar under the housing.
  3. Find a piece of wood or concrete building block and place it approximately 10” from the Oz-Post.
  4. Use the piece of wood or concrete building block to lever the post out of the ground.
  5. If this fails, the post anchor can be easily removed using an Oz-Puller.

Will my deck sink with Oz-Deck?

No. Oz-Deck is designed to distribute weight evenly on the ground, so your deck will not sink.

Can I use Oz-Deck for a gazebo or structure with an open roof?

No, Oz-Deck does not offer adequate uplift resistance for that type of structure. Although, Oz-Deck can be used for structures where wind can easily pass through, like open arbors and pergolas or closed structures like garden sheds.