OZCO Building Products OWT Timber Bolts - 3/4"

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  • Most attractive through bolt available
  • Pre-drill with 3/4" auger bit
  • Durable powder coating offers corrosion resistance and approved for use with ACQ treated lumber
  • 3/8" hex driver required to tighten bolt
  • Bolt is infinitely adjustable in the described size range
  • Tamper resistant


OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) 3/4 in. Timber Bolts combine the beauty of the OWT Hex Cap Nuts and Timber Screws with the strength of a through-bolted connection. These bolts are engineered to replace standard thread-all, carriage or other similar through bolt arrangement. OWT Timber Bolts are especially designed to work in conjunction with Ornamental Wood Ties and connectors but are also very useful in any location where a strong bolt connection is required. This bolt features our patent-pending inside - out compression technology. When tightening conventional through bolts the more the fastener compresses the material the more the fastener is exposed. The exposed threads can create a safety concern or visual distraction that is often unacceptable. Cutting the excess fastener is often the only solution which also causes issues with rust, sharp edges and compromised corrosion resistance. OWT Bolts are currently offered in 4 sizes that together will connect material from any size between 4" - 12". Choosing the correct size is easy because the take up of each product is 2" taking the guess work out of choosing the correct size.


ManufacturerOZCO Building Products
BrandOZCO Building Products
Sub BrandOWT
Package Includes(2) 3/4" OWT Timber Bolts
Recommended UseThrough bolt


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