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  • Innovative tightening sleeve technology provides speed and strength during installation
  • Eliminates the trimming of unsightly and potentially dangerous bolt ends
  • Combine with the 2" heavy duty OWT timber bolt washer for additional support
  • Standard 3/8" hex washer head
  • OWT timber bolts patented design comes in 1/2" and 3/4" diameter and up to 12" length
  • Durable powder coating offers corrosion resistance and approved for use with ACQ treated lumber


OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) Timber Bolts are an innovation in structural design. OWT Timber Bolt will replace standard thread-all, carriage or similar through bolt fasteners while helping you finish projects faster, with a more professional look and strength. The revolutionary heavy duty OWT Timber Bolts come in both 3/4" and 1/2" diameter and 5 different lengths, from 2" all the way to 12", making them perfect for any wood-to-wood projects and designed to eliminate trimming of unsightly and potentially dangerous bolt ends. OZCO Timber Bolts 3/8" hex washer head design combined with innovative compression technology that inserts like a traditional bolt and tightens from the inside out. The corrosion resistant Coating and Materials combine for long lasting performance and are approved for ACQ Treated Lumber projects. The Hex Cap Nut design prevents the outside coating from being marred or damaged. While all of our OZCO Building Products are designed for exterior projects they are OWT standing for interior design, from architecture to furnishings. OWT Timber Bolts proved the same great look as the OWT Timber Screws while saving you time and money on projects.


ManufacturerOZCO Building Products
BrandOZCO Building Products
Sub BrandOWT
Package Includes(2) 1/2" OWT Timber Bolts
Recommended UseThrough bolt


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