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Ironwood Two Tier Pergola - Project #396

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This kit is for hardware only. Lumber will need to be purchased locally at a lumberyard.

This Kit Includes

Ironwood Rafter Clips - 4"


QTY: 3

Laredo Sunset 2"x4" Top Rail Saddle


QTY: 2

Ironwood Post Base - 8" x 8"


QTY: 6

Ironwood Joist Hanger Flush for 8" to 10" Board Width


QTY: 1

Expected to Ship 10/30/2020

OWT Timber Bolts Box - 3/4" x 10" to 12" - Box of 2


QTY: 18

Ironwood 2" Rafter Clips - Pack of 10


QTY: 5

Expected to Ship 10/30/2020


OZCO Project #396 Two Tier Pergola makes adding beauty and style to your home easy. This 30'x16' two-level pergola features a bold and beautiful design that will enhance your outdoor space and the entry points to your home. This particular OZCO pergola easily integrates into any landscape and will highlight the personality of any building or owner. Like most pergolas, this one has a traditional design where posts support beams and rafters. However, its two level construction gives it a more solid and stylish look. This OZCO Two Tier Pergola uses 8x8 cedar posts that create a more seamless and natural looking extension of your home, which can easily be attached using ledger boards. The 16'x11' center section helps create a welcoming touch, so the inviting feeling of your home never stops at your door. Despite what the pictures may make seem to be massive construction, in real-life this pergola appears light (while still looking profound). The pergola sides are covered by sets of cedar boards, which provide added security and comfort. Don’t be surprised if your new OZCO Two Tier Pergola, draws a crowd of neighbors at your next family dinner, barbecue or outdoor game night.

This OZCO Two Tier Pergola Kit uses Ironwood style OZCO hardware, but is also available with Laredo Sunset hardware if preferred. An OZCO Project Kit includes the necessary hardware and fasteners needed to create the structure. OZCO projects DO NOT include required lumber or any other required products that may be listed.

All OZCO connectors and fasteners are made of thick, hot dipped galvanized steel that is black powder coated to give them ultimate strength and weather resistance.


  • Includes OZCO Ironwood hardware and fasteners needed to create a two tier pergola
  • Cedar lumber is required and can be purchased locally
  • Cutting and assembly required
  • OZCO Project #396