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OZCO Building Products Decorative Hardware

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OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) feature patented designs that are both beautiful and high quality. The Oz-Post, Oz-Deck and Oz-Fence systems consist of products created to provide faster and easier ways to install wooden posts for decks, fences and other projects.


OZCO Building Products has a large variety of project plans that provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to use. OZCO plans include photos and a bill of materials for projects ranging from pergolas and pavilions to picnic tables and benches.

Posts & Beams

OZCO Post Anchors, Post Base Kits, Post to Beam Kits, Joist Hangers and Beam Hangers are crucial components in providing the foundation of a structure. Feel confident about the strength and appearance of your project by using OZCO Post & Beam Hardware for its most basic support.

Rafters & Trusses

If a project requires construction of a roof or use of angle brackets, then OZCO Rafter Clips, Truss Ties and Truss Fans are the best choice. Adding OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) to rafters and trusses will reinforce structure and look great.


Easily build a beautiful wooden fence or enhance an existing fence using OZCO Fence Brackets and Fence Installation Tools. OZCO provides fence brackets for Steel to Wood or Wood to Wood applications and offers fence installation tools that remove existing posts or install new post bases.


Whether you wish to add a decorative touch to your structure or need to acquire necessary installation materials, OZCO Specialty Hardware has what you need. Choose from OZCO Accents & Accessories, Fasteners, Gate Hardware, Tools and Fence Brackets to put the finishing touches on your project.