OX Engineered Products HomeGuard Housewrap - 9' x 100'


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Air Resistive Barrier - Protects the wall assembly from air infiltration to increase the comfort of the building by reducing drafts and increasing energy efficiency.

Water Resistive Barrier - Protects the wall assembly against water intrusion that gets behind the exterior cladding.

Moisture Vapor Permeability - Preserves the integrity of the wall assembly by allowing the moisture as vapor to escape to the outside.

Durability - Has the ability to withstand the elements of the weather and tough jobsite conditions.


Protecting you from the harsh elements of mother nature, HomeGuard Housewrap excels in air and water resistance, moisture vapor permeability, and durability. HomeGuard Housewrap is an engineered, woven, polyolefin material designed for use as a secondary weather-resistive barrier. The strong woven fabric ensures job site durability, even in the harshest conditions. HomeGuard’s micro-perforations allow damaging moisture as a vapor to escape while shedding bulk water.

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