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Dispense with the OSI Foam Applicator Gun (sold separately).


21.1oz window & door foam sealant

Low foam pressure, low expansion. Won't bow windows.

Effective in a variety of applications - Window and door installation, electrical and plumbing penetrations, mudsills, jambs, header joints, and top plate penetrations.

Excellent insulator

Quick setting formula

Easy to use

Dispense using an applicator gun

Clean foam gun and spills immediately with OSI Foam Clean (sold separately)


OSI Window & Door Foam is a minimal expansion, low-pressure polyurethane window and door foam. It is dispensed with an applicator gun and works with weather barriers to help keep air and water out around windows, doors, pipe penetrations, and joints. This low-pressure window and door foam will not warp or deform windows and doors, and adheres to all types of building materials, including wood, concrete, and drywall. Foam is tack free in 10 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours. It is also compatible with asphalt and butyl flexible flashing.

As part of a complete system to help protect the building envelope, OSI Window & Door Foam can help increase energy efficiency by keeping cooled and heated air in, and the outside climate out. It can also block water infiltration, to help protect against moisture-caused problems, including wood rot and mold.


Manufacturer OSI
Brand OSI
Sub Brand OSI
Base Single Component Polyurethane
Clean Up Clean tools and uncured product residue immediately with OSI Foam Clean. Note: Cured foam is not affected by solvents and is extremely difficult to remove.
Installation Temperature 40 Degrees F to 120 Degrees F
Package Quantity 1
Returnable Yes
Storage Store in a cool, dry place not less than 65 Degrees F (18 Degrees C) or above 90 Degrees F (32°C) for best performance. Containers are under pressure. Do not expose to open flame or temperatures above 120°F (49°C).
V.O.C < 177 g/L
Warranty 10 Year Limited
Quick ID Q49532
UPC 028756960621

Weights and Dimensions

Weight (Pounds) 1.7

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