LMT Mercer Group LED Low Voltage Power Supply

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  • Outdoor DC output transformer
  • For use with LMT Low Voltage Lighting components (sold separately)
  • Provides power to LED lights
  • 12-Watt Transformer has photo eye for dusk to dawn lighting
  • 50-Watt Transformer has a photo-eye, remote, and smart phone connectivity
  • "Plug & Play" configuration
  • Determine correct transformer size by adding up wattage of all fixtures
  • Total wattage should not exceed 80% of transformer capacity
  • 12-watt transformer max power: 9.6 watts
  • 50-watt transformer max power: 40 watts


The LED Low Voltage Power Supply is an outdoor DC output transformer designed for use with LMT Low Voltage Lighting components (sold separately). Both transformers include a photo eye for dusk to dawn setting. To determine the correct transformer size for your lighting, add up the wattage of all fixtures and choose the transformer where your total wattage does not exceed 80% of its capacity. A 12-watt transformer should not power more than 9.6 watts. A 50-watt transformer can power up to 40 watts of lighting.


ManufacturerLMT Mercer Group
BrandLMT Mercer Group
Sub BrandEFFEX
Current TypeDC
Package Quantity1
Package Includes(1) Outdoor DC output transformer
Power Supply TypeLow Voltage
Warranty3 Yr when used exclusively for DekPro EFFEX products; 1 Yr for non-DekPro EFFEX

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