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Why You Should Be Using TigerClaw TC-Gs

Why You Should Be Using TigerClaw TC-Gs
By Paige V.
February 8, 2012

For the last several years, we’ve witnessed the incredible growth of the hidden fastener market. It’s no wonder why. A deck that uses hidden fasteners gives a more polished look—and the fasteners hitting the market are getting easier to use, which is great for DIYers. Even though there are many new fasteners hitting the market, when it comes to grooved boards, we’re still big fans of the TigerClaw TC-G because of its versatility and ease of use.

Who wants to fumble around with multiple different fasteners for different applications when one durable and reliable fastener—the TigerClaw TC-G—can meet all your needs?

In fact, we 100% guarantee that the TigerClaw TC-G is a direct replacement for the following fasteners:

  • Fiberon Phantom
  • Ipe Clip ExtremeS
  • Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastener
  • Mantis Deck Clips or Crown Clips
  • Deck Clips by Grabber
  • I-CLP System Fasco
  • Truemark Deck Fasteners
  • KleerKlip

The TigerClaw TC-G will replace the following fasteners, but will leave a different gap:

  • Oasis for Kodiak (leaves 1/8″ gap – TC-G will leave 3/16″ gap)
  • Lumber Loc (leaves 1/4″ gap – TC-G will leave 3/16″ gap)
  • Equator (leaves 1/4″ gap – TC-G will leave 3/16″ gap)

Aside from versatility, TigerClaw TC-G gives you automatic 3/16″ deck board spacing, allows for some expansion and contraction, and it’s straightforward to install.

When you’re considering tackling your deck projects this upcoming deck season, we recommend the TigerClaw TC-G as a drop-in replacement. Streamline your deck installs and build beautiful, fastener-free decks.

The TigerClaw TC-G is available at DIY Home Center.