Why Tando Stone Siding and Tando Shake Siding?

Are you drawn to the natural beauty of real cedar shake and stone siding, always taking a long, admiring look at charming homes with those eye-catching exterior accents? Tando exterior siding is the smart choice to achieve the premium look of cedar shake or authentic stone siding for your home, without the maintenance and expense.

Tando siding is a low-maintenance exterior cladding made from a high-quality polypropylene composite designed for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Tando Stone siding and Tando Shake siding completely transform home exteriors with realistic faux siding alternatives. Both types of siding complement a wide range of exterior treatments—including natural wood, fiber cement, vinyl, stucco and brick—for a stunning mixed-material end result, or can be used exclusively for maximum impact. Tando offers the broadest range of profiles and colors to match any architecture or style, so you can get creative and personalize a look that's all your own.

Tando siding Creek Ledgestone in Nordic Mist & Beach House Shake in Sandcastle Tando Stone Creek Ledgestone in Nordic Mist with Beach House Shake in Sandcastle

Additionally, this high-tech composite siding is impervious to moisture; either Tando product can be installed without worry from the ground level all the way up to the roofline in any climate. Year after year and through the changing seasons, the waterproof shake and stone siding beautifully withstands challenging conditions such as salt spray, storms, humidity, sun, and snow. And, you'll appreciate the low maintenance and minimal cleaning needs of your Tando Siding as well. A simple garden hose and soapy water mixture can be used to remove dirt, dust, or mildew when necessary.

Tando Stone Siding

Love the way stone or brick accents the exterior of a home? Would you love to see it on your own home? Achieving that look has never been easier thanks to Tando. Tando Stone siding is a composite alternative with the low-gloss look and feel of real stone or stone veneer. Adding Tando Stone siding to your home's exterior surface will make it look like a brand new house, one that your're excited to come home to and show off. You'll only wish you'd added it sooner!

TandoStone Stacked Stone in Glacier Bay Stacked Stone in Glacier Bay

Traditional Stone vs Tando Stone

Traditional stone siding is bulky, heavy, and expensive. Not to mention, installation takes at least two people and is typically a slow process.

Tando Stone siding completely eliminates the need for cumbersome and costly rocks and boulders by offering a lightweight, composite alternative. The siding panels are both fast and easy to install with standard tools and require no mortars or adhesives—and can be done by one person. It's no wonder Tando Stone siding is the #1 brand of composite stone siding!

Stacked Stone

Features large & small stones tightly arranged in a linear pattern with low heights and random lengths. The intricate detail of this profile provides the appearance of a mortar-less, hand-laid, dry-stack set for a contemporary, sharp-edged finish that looks like it was professionally done.

Tando Stone Siding Stacked Stone in Lewiston Crest Lewiston Crest

Creek Ledgestone

Emulates the look of various-sized hand-pick stones arranged in a rugged pattern with a horizontal ledge that's more defined than the vertical joints. This rough, dimensional surface with jagged edges that play with natural light and shadows show each stone's variation.

Tando Stone siding Creek Ledgestone in Rocky Mountain Clay Rocky Mountain Clay

Tando Shake Siding

Is a Cape Cod-style home something you've always dreamed of? Tando Shake siding allows that dream to become a reality without having to move out of your current home! With a broad range of wood grain textures—from fine and subtle details to rugged grooves—Tando Shake siding provides the beauty of real wood shake siding, but with added durability and workability. Designed with the installer in mind, Tando Shake siding makes it easier than ever to achieve a rustic-coastal aesthetic that will instantly increase your curb appeal.

Tando Beach House Shake in Pacifica Beach House Shake in Pacifica

Traditional Cedar Shake vs Tando Shake

Traditional shake siding consists of wooden shingles, typically cedar, made from split logs that are nailed together. It requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its look and protection against the elements, including annual oiling, painting, repairing, and replacing. Not only is this a nuisance, but it's also costly and potentially dangerous.

Tando Shake siding is the perfect alternative to traditional wood siding because it provides the beauty of real wood with little to no maintenance. Unlike traditional cedar shingles, Tando Shake siding with UV-protection technology will not discolor over time, regardless of exposure to sunlight or moisture—so it stays looking as great as the day it was installed. And unlike wooden shingles, Tando Shake won't split, crack, rot, or decay, nor will it be damaged by pests or insects. Tando Shake siding is the ultimate in low-maintenance and high-performance.

RoughSawn Cedar Single

The evenly-aligned shingles feature random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look with a 6.5" exposure. The single-course profile minimizes waste during installation (especially around dormers and peaks).

Tando Shake siding RoughSawn Cedar Single in Barn Red Barn Red

RoughSawn Cedar Dual

The evenly-aligned shingles feature random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look with a 6.5" exposure. The dual-course profile allows greater coverage and quick installation in larger area sidewall applications.

Tando Shake siding RoughSawn Cedar Dual in Classic White Classic White

Rustic Cedar 9

Features a variable exposure and rich, deep textures for the look of true hand-crafted wood shakes. Varying shingle heights & widths and a rugged profile complement a range of materials.

Tando Shake siding Rustic Cedar 9 in Desert Sand Desert Sand

Hand Split Shake

Features a variable exposure of 8.5" to 9.25" and captures the rugged & rough look of hand-cut cedar shingles with its random grooves, making this profile one of Tando's most popular shakes.

Tando Shake siding Hand Split Shake in Harvest Cedar Harvest Cedar

Cape Cod Perfection

This 5" exposure, re-squared and rebutted shingle features a cedar texture and clean lines that highlight subtle nuances of saw cuts and grain to perfectly replicate painted cedar shakes.

TandoShake Cape Cod Perfection in Mariner Blue Mariner Blue

Beach House Shake

Features clean lines and is indistinguishable from fresh or perfectly weathered cedar shingles. This profile gives off true beachy vibes with coastal charm and will never fade from the sun's rays.

Tando Beach House Shake in Sandcastle Sandcastle

Whether you use Tando siding in conjunction with other home exterior materials such as natural wood, fiber cement, stucco, or vinyl—or you use it exclusively—Tando always delivers:

  • Unmatched Realism—Tando provides low-maintenance exteriors without compromising the natural beauty and realism of authentic cedar and stone.

  • Unlimited Creativity—Tando unleashes the creativity of the homeowner and installer to transform ordinary exterior walls into breathtaking mixed-material exteriors.

  • Unequaled Moisture Management—Tando mitigates the effects and concerns of moisture that can damage and degrade natural installations.

To learn more about Tando siding, visit our Tando FAQ page for common questions and answers, or contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you about this transformation siding solution!